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  1. enmerdeur

    New 2018 TX300

    If you needed the fan in that weather bike must have other issues
  2. enmerdeur

    2 stroke oil/gas separation

  3. enmerdeur

    Couple ?s Rad Braces / Reeds

    You should ride my bike with the RAD valve and see what you think. I like the RAD Valve because it makes the engine run more efficiently. You have to lean the jetting a step or two when you install it but it gives a strong mid range and revout. The V-Force probably has a bit more bottom end but everywhere else the RAD is superior.
  4. enmerdeur

    Another Lectron topic ??

    My theory is its the ignition.
  5. enmerdeur

    Another Lectron topic ??

    Exact same experience here with my Beta. By the time I got it to run clean off idle it had all the bottom end of a Vespa.
  6. enmerdeur

    RK Tek Head

    You know how I feel about Lectrons. Makes old man power. I am old but not ready for old man power. So far I am happy with the Mikuni. It was easy to get jetted and even seems to respond better to jetting changes than the Keihin. Will be interesting to see if the jet block issue comes up.
  7. enmerdeur

    16 250sx knocking noise at idle when cold

    When a bike is properly jetted you will need to use the choke to start it. Why? Because when an engine is cold it runs lean so the start circuit needs to be temporarily richened with the choke. It runs lean because the engine is cold and the fuel is not atomizing properly as when the engine is at optimal operating temperature. Because it is running lean you can get some engine knock like you are experiencing. The fact that it goes away once warm is a good thing and tells that your bike is jetted correctly (at least the pilot circuit). I love it when people brag that their bike starts cold without using the choke. This simply means they are jetted too fat on the pilot circuit. Not something I would brag about
  8. enmerdeur

    Why is my lectron bogging today

    Sorry. Didn't know I was talking to millennial snowflakes. Sorry for the trigger.
  9. enmerdeur

    Why is my lectron bogging today

    Just sharing my experience. If you don't want to hear it that is your choice. I try not to fall into the fanboy syndrome on things.
  10. enmerdeur

    Why is my lectron bogging today

    Wait a minute, I thought you didn't have to tune a Lectron? That is what everyone says. Possible. I find less experienced riders tend to like the Lectron. Those with years of riding experience, not so much.
  11. enmerdeur

    2015 300RR Dual Map switch

    I no longer have that photo. The CDI is under the seat on the Betas nowhere near the radiator. You want to look for Yellow wire with a red stripe that is wrapped up with a bunch of wires by the coil. It has a bullet type connector on it.
  12. enmerdeur

    2 stroke trouble

    If gas is not running out of the overflow on the carb when the bike is at rest your float is probably OK. To me it sounds like your ignition may be acting up. I have never known a modern 300 to foul a plug unless it had a weak ignition.
  13. enmerdeur

    Why is my lectron bogging today

    After watching your video I think you might have an ignition problem not a carb problem.
  14. enmerdeur

    Why is my lectron bogging today

    I had a terrible time with the Lectron I tried. Finally got the float to stop sticking (closed). Lectron says that is normal when new??? Never had to break in a carb before. Then I finally got it to run cleaner off the bottom than my Keihin but then my 300 had all the bottom end of a Vespa. I never been so happy to put my Keihin back on and get my power back. IMO Lectron = Hype. Might be OK for those that don't know how a well tuned Keihin can be.