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  1. 2008 Yamaha XTZ 125, bone stock. By any chance would any of you know the jetting for 8500 feet? Its tough to find the jets here in Bogotá so I was hoping to minimize my searching by getting some ballpark jetting advice. No shop or mechanic here seems to know what jets are needed for the bike at this altitude nor does the Yamaha shop have jets for this carb, so I was going to order some online. I know its a long shot but thanks in advance. vince
  2. Thanks Eddie. Looks like I need to add a couple of needles to the kit as well. Just one more question if you dont mind. The motor has about 5000 miles on it but it has not been run in probably a year. This trip will put about 20,000 more miles on motor. Do you think I should do a full top end rebuild?
  3. Planning a trip that will take me from sea level to 15,000 ft. I plan on taking 3 sets of jets with me figuring that should give me a good enough altitude range to work with. Here is my setup that works pretty well from sea level to about 5000 ft. DRZ 400 stock pipe + 3X3 airbox mod FCR 39 EMN needle (clip 3 I think) 42 pilot 155 main. So I'm looking for jet numbers, clip positions for 5000 ft to 10000 ft and 10,000 to 15,000 ft. thanks for any guidance.
  4. viktobravo

    Sidewinder Sprocket goodies

    As long as we are talking expensive sprockets, I've had a good experience with the Ironman sprockets on my KTM 450. I just cant wear them out. Worth every penny IMO.
  5. viktobravo

    FMF programmer on stock R2?

    I have to think just the programmer will make a big difference. For example, take a carb'd bike. You open the airbox, add a pipe, rejet, for what, maybe 2 hp? Now you take that same bike that had a CV carb and put an FCR pumper on it.......... very noticable difference. Perhaps the programmer is just like that, you get power by adding fuel. of course the pipe and airbox will help quite a bit, but i would guess that programmer is by far the biggest boost to performance. All that said, the best "power mod" that I have ever done to any bike was to gear it lower.
  6. viktobravo

    FMF programmer on stock R2?

    Well dino, looks like youre it. Plug that bad boy in and let us know what you think before modding anything else.
  7. viktobravo

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    I would have been happy if they had done that with the 990 Adventure tanks. They didnt, the tanks have problems. You pretty much have to deal with it since they are the only game in town for the WRR.
  8. viktobravo

    Bigger Gas Tanks for the WR250R/X

    I think its a good thing that Aqualine keeps pushing the date back, better that than shipping a bunch of tanks with problems. JMO.
  9. viktobravo

    FMF programmer on stock R2?

    Any of you running the FMF programmer with the stock exhaust on the WRR? I like quiet so I dont want to change the pipe, but I would like to have a little more juice when getting up into the 10,000 ft elevations. Just curious if the effects of the programmer would be worth it with the stock exhaust in place. TIA.
  10. viktobravo

    2008 KTM 530 EXCR yes or no

    For strictly a commuter bike and some occasional fire roads, the DRZ is a great choice. Can the EXC do it? Of course, but its really an off road race bike that was dumbed down a bit to be DOT legal. You really need to keep up on oil changes and valve checks with the EXC whereas a DRZ seems pretty happy even when its neglected. The only downside I see for using the EXC as a commuter bike is that you will be changing oil and checking valves almost every other week. Remember its an off road race bike that just happens to have a tag. The RFS motor may have been better suited for everyday use wheras the jury is still out on the long term reliability of the new XC4 motor, but we will know more about it in a couple of years. If I am going to be doing alot of road miles I saddle up the DRZ. Road miles on the EXC are downright uncomfortable. However if you balance the wheels its a night and day improvement on the slab.
  11. viktobravo

    05 450 exc ? before purchase

    The RFS is solid motor, valves and all. Change the oil, check the valves every 15 hours, motor will last a long time.
  12. viktobravo

    KTM Sticker Shock

    Buying in CA is a screw, but people pay it, so the dealer can charge whatever they want. I'm not defending the the practice, but it is what it is. If people would just buy out of state and not pay the ridiculous CA prices then we would not have this problem. Another issue is that when you tell some out of state dealers that you want the bike shipped to CA, the proce automatically goes up and I'm not talking about the shipping.
  13. I agree that another big problem with the light is the shape and small size of the KTM reflector. For optimum lighting its probably best to go with a Baja Designs headlight/reflector, however I found the H7 bulb kit on the stock KTM reflector was still a huge improvement over the stock H4 bulb.
  14. the sixth gear is so tall that you need not worry about winding out the motor with 14/52 gearing. In fact, you want to have a pretty good head of steam before you even shift into 6th or the motor will bog, so no worries there......While the CRF sounds like its coming apart at 60 mph, the EXC will be comfortably thumping along.
  15. viktobravo

    Quieter Stock Bike

    last email I got from knobbylips is that he was still building his new shop. He said he would post on the KTM site when he is up and running again.