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  1. Does anyone know if sixsixone is still planning to come out with the GUARDIAN PROTECTOR? It's the chess protector with the neck brace built into it. It seems like a great idea and looks like it will work well but I haven't heard anything more on it for months. The last I heard was a release date of Fall of 08.
  2. KX316

    Oil Coming Out Vent Tube Just Sitting There

    Make sure you didn't overfill with too much oil. Also, are you sure it is coming out of the vent hose? I thought the same thing but found out my oil drain plug had a very slow leak. I replaced the aluminum washer and problem fixed.
  3. KX316

    07 Counter Sprocket

    Does it matter which way you put in on the bike or can it go either way?
  4. KX316

    Updated pics of my 06

    How do you like those grips?
  5. Hair spray, works great.
  6. KX316

    Thinking of trading

    ENJOY, you'll love it.
  7. KX316

    Thinking of trading

    I came off a 01 kx250 and bought a 07 kx450f and love it. The kxf is easier to ride. I can go faster on the kxf and not push myself as hard as I had to on the kx. I'm older and don't like to shift all the time.
  8. KX316

    pictures of your mountain bike

    I am looking to get one for my 11 yr old. All I know is she wants full suspension and disc brakes. Any ideas for an entry level model with both of these options?
  9. KX316

    Oil coming from head???

    If you paid someone to do it have them fix it. If you changed the topend it's your call.
  10. KX316

    I cant get adjust the Fuel Screw Help

    If it's popping your running lean. You need to open up on the "fuel" screw. Opening adds more fuel and closing gives less fuel. Think of it like turning water on and off. Clock-wise is closing and counter clock-wise is opening. Start out at about 1.5 turns open and go from there.
  11. KX316

    Flexx Bar Owners

    Any others?
  12. KX316

    quick leak jet question

    bigbluerider4life has it correct. The smaller the number the richer the mixture. I went from a #70 to a #55 on my KX450F to get rid of the bog.
  13. KX316

    Race numbers??

    316, Probably the most popular bible verse . John 3:16.
  14. For MX applications what Elastomer Color do you use? Blue-Soft, Yellow-Medium, Red-Hard, Black-Stiff. Thanks for the input.
  15. KX316

    2007 vs. 2008 or wait for 2009

    You don't have to worry about the crank and rod on the 07.