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  1. lump-dog

    Southern CA Desert Weather Report

    It's actually not too much further to take 14 all the way up to the 178, jump over to 395 at the North end of Ridgecrest, and shoot down from there. Without looking at a map, I think taking the 58 over to the 395 is way out of your way..... When ya goin', and where ya gonna be? -lump
  2. lump-dog

    Southern CA Desert Weather Report

    Bummer, glad I asked. Thanks for the update. Guess I'll just go up to 178 and drop back down thru Ridgecrest. Do you guys think Dirt Diggers camp will be a mud bowl, or does it drain pretty well? -lump
  3. lump-dog

    Southern CA Desert Weather Report

    I stated we're going to Dirt Diggers, just south of RC (Ridgecrest). Any chance Garlock road got washed out? How do I go about finding out before I head out tommorrow? -lump
  4. lump-dog

    Southern CA Desert Weather Report

    Gawd I love TT! I just sat down to make a post requesting RC weather conditions and BAM! The answer's right there before I even start typing! Thanks for the 411 guys. Heading out tommorrow, looks like I might be sittin' in the rain for a day or two, but end of the week and into the weekend should be epic! I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Nuttin' like roosting the dez after a rain. What's dirt diggers' like after a good rain? Been there a ton, never after a rain though. Doesn't seem like it would be too muddy of a mess, but dunno. Any thoughts? Big motorhome and a big trailer, don't feel like leaving them there till the spring when I can dig 'em out! Be there with a pretty decent group from Wed-Sun.... good people and a warm fire await those who want to stop by! -lump
  5. lump-dog

    Central Cal Sunday 26th

    Thanks for the 411! Do they have a kid track?
  6. lump-dog

    Smoked rear rim

    Ride it. KX rims used to do that all the time, and I've NEVER seen one break all the way through. I mean really, what would actually happen? It's going to be a weak spot in the rim, and it will be more likely to flat spot there, but it's not going to explode or break in half. RIDE IT! -lump
  7. Dude, good luck. Your only chance if you can turn the bars enough to get them in sideways. If it was a 7 footer, no problem.... Might take the back wheels and chain guides off.... just a thought... -lump
  8. lump-dog

    US Open on pay-per-view?

    Nope, SUPPOSEDLY it's going to be "live" on NBC! here's the link > US Open
  9. lump-dog

    Pete's Camp Poker Run Oct. 9th - Who's going???

    room enough for 2! (wink wink, nudge nudge) -lump
  10. lump-dog

    New Track In Rosarito

    You should line dry you delicates..... Camoflauge? Hmmmm..... Victory...... Huummmphh, I gotta get a life!..... I expect a full report on my desk by morning! You may have won a battle, but did you win the war?! -lump
  11. lump-dog

    It's cold in the desert!!!

    Oh, mamma! Be there next weekend (dirt diggers), just in time for it to warm back up! (damn). Missed it by 1 week! Had visions of greatness when we passed near Cal City last week on the way to race Glen Helen, puddles everywhere in the desert from a thunderstorm that blew through..... heaven on earth! Nothing like a desert ride after a good rain..... Stop by next weekend..... -lump
  12. lump-dog

    New Track In Rosarito

    Marnegro, get your panties on, let's go ride mx in Baja! I want to see daylight under those tires of yours! Nuttin' better than a long track day, then heading over to the Hot Fox! Heard anything more about the track? -lump
  13. lump-dog

    Califorrnia City Areas - Best for kids

    I'm taking a group out the same weekend, probably 3-4 families, with kids ranging from 4 to 15 years old. We used to ride Cal City A LOT but too many closures and people (on bigger weekends, anyway) led us to search elsewhere (the increase of marked trails over the years didn't help, either!). We go a little farther north now (about 20-30 minutes) usually to an area called "Dirt Diggers Camp", just south of Ridgecrest. It's on the "Friends of Jawbone" map, NE corner of 395 and Searle Station Road (heads out to Garlock). It's a great jumping off point, some wonderfull canyons open up with single track for days right near camp. The campsite is a nice big flat area, you can keep an eye on your kids zipping around for quite a distance. Spangler is just "over there", and Randsburg is close enought to take the kids on a ride there for a milkshake. Bowling in Ridgecrest on Saturday nite! It's trully a refreshing change, glad we don't go to the Cal City zoo any more! You just want to make sure a trip to Dirt Diggers doesn't coincide with a race. If you want detailed directions let me know (piece of cake), or let us know where you're going to end up and we'll take a ride over to see ya.... -lump Visalia, CA map of the area friends of jawbone map, if you don't have one, get one!
  14. lump-dog

    Baja in November

    Homey, I'm off all week, so I'm thinking about going down for the 1000 too. Got any room for a LWM (Large White Male)? What do you have planned? I might just tag along..... On a side note, don't know what you do for Thanksgiving, but we do a big shindig in the desert near Cal City every year. Good riding, good food, and great people. You're invited if you don't allready have plans in Baja... -lump
  15. The Force is a great boot, switched from Tech 8's and I'll NEVER go back. My Tech 8's felt like house slippers after a few rides, no support at all. I'm 240 and have the ankles of a 12 year old girl, I wouldn't think about riding in anything but the Sidi Forces. I tried the SRS version of the boot, but found them a little "clumsy". The soles are a little bit thicker (and maybe more rigid) than the "regular" sew on Force soles, just didn't like them. The regular old Force boot with the sew on sole is the boot for me.... -lump