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  1. cyclepsych0

    kx 03 throttle hangs up!!

    Make sure the cable is seated correctly where it goes into the carb top. Also, snap the throttle open/closed a few times with the bike OFF and make sure the slide isn't getting hung up. Sounds like the slide is being held open by something besides the cable....
  2. cyclepsych0

    2001 graphics on 99 kx100?

    As stated, the right side shroud will fit. The left side won't even be close. IMS makes a large capacity tank that fits '91 and later 80/85/100's and it retrofits the older bikes to dual shrouds like the '01+ bikes. You'd be better off getting a graphics kit for '98 - '00 models.....
  3. cyclepsych0

    Great debut for the new husqvarna sm449 in supermoto gp

    I agree! The '05-'10 plastics are still my favorite. (I actually like the '05-'07 side plates the best.) The '11's are ugly by all accounts. I would love to see Husky race the nationals too!!
  4. cyclepsych0

    If you think Ralph Sheheen sucks.......

    :lol: You said exactly what the 2 most annoying things about Sheheen are for me! Why is it that only Honda riders are stablemates? Especially with Windham? He NEVER says 2 Suzuki, 2 Kawi or 2 Yamaha riders are stablemates. Not that I give a $h!t, it's a lame term anyway. Just annoying that its only another Honda rider in regards to Windham. He's also constantly droppin' the Bret Michaels Rock hard, Ride hard (or whatever it's called) award too. Ralph actually doesn't bug as much anymore like he used to. Erin Bates is completely useless. I usually mute or fast forward her. Okay, I'm done venting. When it comes down to it, I'm still happy to have coverage of the races!
  5. cyclepsych0

    2001 kx125 just got it

    Grey crankcase oil is dirty oil. It gets that color because of the clutch plate wear. 125 2 strokes are easy to kick over, so the compression might not actually be low. Does the bike have alot of hours? Change the trans oil out, make sure the gas is fresh, it's getting good spark and try to fire her up!
  6. cyclepsych0

    Kx 100/85 motor in kx 80 frame?

    Alot of chassis parts from '91 to present still interchange. '91 was the first year of the perimeter frame and it's only had very slight mods over the years to accomodate the different plastics. Newer 85/100 inverted forks and motors should take little to no modification at all to bolt on... The KX 85/100 motors are the same engine with different topends. They are externally the same size as eachother. I wouldn't even attempt to go the RM85 route as you'd be spending more time fabbing up engine mounts, exhaust, etc.. The RM's have the radiator on the opposite side than the KX's, so that means the pipe is also on the opposite side from the KX design. Then there's issue of different radiator hose routing, electronics placement, air boot alignment, etc... Suzuki only had the RM100 in '03 with their alliance with Kawi and all that bike is, is a yellow KX100! It was built by Kawasaki for Suzuki. Good luck!!
  7. cyclepsych0

    what year

    Exactly, figure out what the 10th digit is and..... R - 1994 S - 1995 T - 1996 V - 1997 W - 1998
  8. cyclepsych0

    Hard starting KX100

    You could check under the ignition cover and see if water has gotten in there. Make sure the flywheel and ignition pick-up are clean. Also, check that the spark plug wire and cap have a good connection and that the kill switch isn't on the fritz...
  9. cyclepsych0

    hanging from the freak straps.

    They should be on their way to you now. They were shipped priority mail on Friday! The bike is lookin' great so far!! I'm liking that silver frame/sub frame for the '98... Can't wait to see it all done!
  10. cyclepsych0

    1994 KX250 Restoration

    +1:thumbsup: I was laughin' my @$$ off when I first read that!! A very, very nice job on this bike so far Jeekinz!! Your rebuild threads are always a good read for sure!! :thumbsup:
  11. cyclepsych0

    Kawasaki Green v. Grabber Green

    Kawi actually changed the "stock" green in '05. Its the same all the way up to the present 2011 green. When I ordered the '03+ front fender for my '01 years ago, they listed (3) p/n's for green. 1 p/n was for the kawi green. (stock for '03 and '04) Another p/n was for '05+ matched green and the third was for neon/flo green.. This fender is the same shape from '03-'08, so I just got the '03-'04 fender and it matches the '02 and earlier green exactly.:thumbsup:I remember reading back when the '05's were coming out, that the shade of green had been changed slightly..
  12. cyclepsych0

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    I don't know guys! Must be an every-10-year cycle or something... This is my 2001 250 an hour after I brought it home new!!
  13. cyclepsych0

    so i met a pro today?

    A rare blood disese if I remember correctly.... Donny was an awesome World GP racer. Godspeed.
  14. cyclepsych0

    Can you buy a stock seat base?

    This is going to be your best bet. Back when I bought my '01 250 I wanted to order "just the base" as well since I had a new foam and cover to put on it right away. I didn't want to disassemble a brand new seat. Dealer said Kawasaki doesn't sell only the base. Just complete seat assemblies. As jeeks said eBay has 'em cheap. I picked one up for 4.99 but had to pay $15 shipping to get it here. Oh well, still worth it.....
  15. cyclepsych0

    Dirt Rider April

    Just skimmed through it myself. Good stuff for sure!