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  1. another drz guy

    310 valve adjustment

    Great link and YouTube vid. Another thanks to coffee. Looks really simple to do.
  2. another drz guy

    Husky & Husaberg Demo Day Oct. 16 & 17

    Sounds cool. I'll have to check it out.
  3. another drz guy

    what oil Husqvarna 570te??

    The only time it matters what the outside temp is when you start the bike.
  4. another drz guy

    Plated dual sport for wife...KTM, HUSKY...

    There might be more options than you think, and cheaper. I had a DRZ400S. Mild bike but tall for the little lady. Buy something old/used and lower it and your good to go.
  5. another drz guy


    It is an awesome feeling isn't it.
  6. Just because you tracked there you are doesn't always mean you can send it. I'm not sure about where you ride but I'm never in cell phone reception. If you are really worried about being found, use a satellite phone. I have used Motion X Sport Lite. It works fine for being free.
  7. another drz guy

    ALWAYS watch where you are going

    Heal up fast. That rock has it out for you.
  8. another drz guy

    My Crash

    You looked like superman!
  9. another drz guy

    Friend crashes, breaks both arms. Video.

    That's a bummer. Hopefully he gets better quick.
  10. another drz guy

    Two Days Of Fun Up At Kennedy Meadows

    I'm not sure what your thinking of Cluckster, but where we all go is beautiful.
  11. another drz guy

    Tard Army

    Dude, lots of great pics!
  12. another drz guy

    1st speeding ticket EVER

    Nice cop to write down 45.
  13. another drz guy

    sweet 610 foot pegs

    Quick thinking.
  14. another drz guy

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Awesome plastics!!!!!
  15. another drz guy


    You can order by the case online. Comes out to $13/quart, 10/case.