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  1. Hey Eddie (you to Wrex, highjacking yours to save starting a new thread.) I finally got my hands on a kit for my DRZ (same as Wrex's) but as it's second hand, it's missing the blue needle. Are all blue needles the same or are they just coloured for the specific kits? Thanks. PS I'll keep up with you now Wrex!
  2. Pounce

    Wiring In a Polisort Headlight - How To

    Apparentley I can't rep this post, so I'll say thanks here. This is just what I needed today. Cheers mate. Edit: Plugged it all in and it works a treat.
  3. Pounce

    Aussie DRZ400 Owners?

    Chuffed? Aussies don't say chuffed!
  4. Pounce

    Cheap Camera mount for the DRZ

    Most of these were filmed with an Oregon Scientific set on medium resolution, just to get the full hour 45 minute recording time. Full res will give you under an hour. http://www.youtube.com/Pounce64 You tube sucks for quality, so look at the details on some of them and you can download the original quality movie.
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    DRZ 400 E Gearing - What sprockets???

    14-47 is standard in Aus, but when it's time to change I'm bumping up to a 49 on the back, just for that little extra on the tight trails.
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    R U Bored, Trail ride vids.

  7. Pounce

    Eyewear suggestions?

    I wear my tinted safety glasses. They wrap around nice and look OK too. "Cool Blooz" by MSA
  8. Pounce

    Where can I get these clips?

    Aircraft supplies.
  9. Pounce

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    I know where that is...
  10. Pounce

    what is top speed stock drz400e or drz400s

    '07 Australian E model. 140 kph (87mph) and it still had a bit more to come but I was on dirt tyres on the highway and it got a bit wobbly.
  11. A bunch of us from Perth do this trip every now and then. It's mainly 4WD tracks which is made up of limestone and boggy sand tracks, sand dunes and a bit of beach run. It's a 160klm (100 mile) round trip that usually take 2 hours each way.
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    New Slayer Helmet

    Does the bit to make your neck red come free with that?
  13. Pounce

    Can your DRZ swim?

    Not all DR's can swim...