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  1. Hey Marty, on these forks you don`t drill. You remove the fork lugs and pull out the TCV valves and remove the big black plastic piston band from the TCV. You can`t miss it. And then just put the forks back together.
  2. MRW

    Really dark fork oil !

    +1 for non-hardcoated lower legs. Did I just make up a word?
  3. MRW

    08 450R Honda spring rates

    Cool Thanks Man! you too Moggy!
  4. MRW

    Sx-f 450 fork revalve

    Great thread Guys!! And Wow Erik these are some really handy links!! Especially this one http://www.ktmshop.se/index.php?action=showDocuments&id=421#partslist ! Thanks!!
  5. Good job and thanks for the update!!
  6. The problem with this bottoming/control circuit thingy is quite simple. It`s just way to long. It adds too much damping too soon. These forks still have the standard 50mm bottoming circuit as well and that`s plenty. It`s riding the "TCV" instead of riding the "cones"... Older open chamber WP forks had bottoming "cones" that were too long, 70mm, going into turns fast on the brakes hard with breaking bumps just plain beat you up. Drill a bleed hole at 50mm and your back in heaven. Old news now..... Just do a comparison before and after test:)
  7. Lets, The best way to disable the TCV is to remove the axle lugs and the the floating piston band the controls the bleed on the TCV. It just pops right off. Next,preload the "too short" main and ICS springs 5mm with PVC spacers. These mods will make these forks just about as good as the newer 06 and later forks. Now if the axle lugs do not want to come off ten year old forks you can chuck up a 12mm rotary bit and 12 inch extension in a die grinder and cut a long lengthwise grove inside the TCV allowing a bleed path which will also disable the TCV. These mods a well worth the effort for woods riding on these forks. Once these mods are complete start by softening up the base valves a tad.
  8. MRW

    4cs forks - how each component works

    Some great info in here....http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/327668-diy-04-450-suspension-re-valve/
  9. Good point, makes perfect sense
  10. Cool idea Mog! And I think I read on here somewhere that KTM copied the Yamaha rear suspension linkage ratio curve:) But don`t quote me..
  11. MRW

    Hondas 450 forks and shock

    Where at Moggy? Online? Dooo tell..
  12. MRW

    Hondas 450 forks and shock

    I have a friend I ride with who says he is purchasing a 15 CRF450 in 2 weeks:) Other than that I have not seen any.
  13. MRW

    WP fork caps sheered off

    Yes the KYB stuff must be more than hand tight or they will loosen. To tighten I just smack my fork cap wrench handle with a 1/2 ratchet handle once done working on a set of forks. And actually that`s how I remove all fork caps while fork is mounted in the vise. My fork wrenches are all mushroomed on the edges! But I`ve played drums all my life so I`m pretty accurate swinging things:)
  14. MRW

    WP fork caps sheered off

    Yes it was over tightened. WP uses very light weight (weak) almuminum on their suspension components. Not good to over do it like you can on the Japanese components. In 08 they starting using similar aluminum on their shock bodies which can crack if the bearing cap is not tapped off straight and even using all 4 holes (or at least 2) in the cap. I learned the hard way by creating a 45mm or so hairline fracture in a customer shock by removing the cap in a rush by just using one hole. The shock just wept a tiny little bit at the fracture once the shock was charged with nitro. I`m now very carefully when working with the WP components:)