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  1. I have a 2002 WR426 that I spent a lot of money and time on for the suspension and wheels to make a great supermoto. Now I got a 2005 WR450 with the e-start! Can I swap the front ends? I think they have different forks but if the stem and triples fit into the neck the same I should be able to just swap everything over I assume? Anyone know about this before I tear them down and go for it? The microfiche seems to show that the bearings for the stems are the same so I need to know if the stems will fit and are the same length and diameter. Also, Are the shocks and swingarms the same? I had my rear shock lowered and revalved. I want to use that too obviously. Thanks
  2. twowheel

    Rear Contiforce sale

    It is a mistake. They are selling for $122. I even called.
  3. twowheel

    I want a Supermoto shirt...

    Fury and Grace shirts are gone?
  4. twowheel

    Front suspension

    The Vapor speedo is an upgrade that is worth it. Tach, time, temp, etc. RM forks give you bigger rotor choice and extreme adjustability. I have a post on the how to if you look.
  5. twowheel

    RM250 suspension

    I put RM forks on my DR. It allows for full adjustability and larger rotors as stated. Plus they are much less flex then standard forks since they are USD.
  6. twowheel

    Vapor Oil / temp sensor

    The dash is the plastic part that goes around the vapor and fits the indicator lights like turn signals and Neutral light. Does not mount the unit to the bike. I called Trailtech. They wanted a part number.
  7. twowheel

    Vapor Oil / temp sensor

    I want to add the temp gauge option on my vapor. There was someone who got a wire from Trailtech sent to them that allowed you to use the end as a washer for the oil bolt. Any info on that part # would be appreciated. I also decided to not use the dashboard I ordered with the vapor, so if anyone wants it I can let it go for real cheap.
  8. twowheel

    DR650 Sumo - Viable Street Machine?

    The reasons I sumo styled my dr instead of getting a pre-setup sumo for street riding (Husky, KTM): 1. Super low maintenance 2. Low ergonomics for my short frame 3. Rides with very little vibration 4. Great for a sumo on the freeway 5. Better than an SV in the twisties and in the city (I have one of those too) Check my garage for pics
  9. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    Like I said in the post: you will need to tap the steering stops and use allen bolts to create the correct steering clearances.
  10. twowheel

    Survey for pre 2004 DR650 base gasket leak

    2003 started leaking at 4500 miles. Did a port and polish while it was done. Why not get something out of it?
  11. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    That is great. I forgot to mention another reason I swapped the front end. I like to mod my bikes and upgrade items and have fun wrenching and solving problems. With all of the reasons I mentioned before and this I would definitely do it again.
  12. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    Thanks for your pics, bergman
  13. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    Acerbis front guard
  14. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    Upside down forks are more stiff than standard forks. Way better adjustability. Super trick looking. I can now use the 320mm ebc brake rotor kit which does not exist for the DR650. All for the same price as redoing the stock forks.
  15. twowheel

    RM250 forks on a DR650 complete

    Having now completed the swap, here is what I needed and what happened. 1. rm250 parts purchase: Forks, upper and lower triple tree with stem and bearings, front wheel, axle and spacers, vapor computer 2. Swap parts The front end bolts on directly to the frame with no issues because they share the same bearings. The DR650 caliper, brake line and master cylinder can all be used with the RM250 forks. 3. Issues You can use a long bolt and mount the ignition and neutral indicator to the threaded area on the front of the upper RM250 triple. Put the threaded part in between the rubber of the neutral indicator and the ignition bracket. You will not be able to lock the steering. Get a rotor lock and a leash. You can use pipe clamps to secure the headlight bracket to the forks on the top. This requires cutting the top of the bracket off to fit between the top and bottom clamp. For the bottom you can bend a metal bracket and use the bolts the secure the front fender to mount the bottom mount of the headlight. You will need to tap the steering stops with normal allen head bolts to keep the forks from banging the tank. 3. Vapor The vapor will mount fine. I used the threaded area on the top bar clamp to mount an aluminum bracket. Or you can use the bar mount supplied. On the speedo sensor I used the rotor bolt supplied with the magnetic part. I then bent a small aluminum strip and bolted it to the bottom of the forks where the brake line used to attach. Then the sensor attached at the other end to have the magnetic rotor bolt pass it. 4. Supermoto I did more for making it supermoto. I lowered the forks and resprung them with racetech valves. I also laced the RM250 hub to a 17" rim. Prices: Complete front end from a 2003 RM250: $350 Revalve and respring with lowering on forks: $450 laced rm hub to 17" wheel: $50 Vapor computer: $160 EBC 320mm brake kit: $120 ( I sold the stock parts from my DR and ended up spending $450 total in the end) PICTURES: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14042559@N05/collections/72157602138243735/