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    TTR 125 Graphics...

  2. YZeezee

    TTR 125 Graphics...

    Maybe you could pay for advertising on here and let everyone know about it on all the forums (like the other great sponsors of TT do)... Although the TT discount is pretty cool...
  3. Vegas, I take back what I said about "what issues"? The guy is a freak!!! Thumpinoutwest, hope you feel better, you've definitely made a good case for yourself...
  4. For those of you that may be wondering what the drought is doing to the Colorado high country, wonder no more... The mtns are getting hammered with snow and it is deep up there. Went to Keystone Sunday and it was all I could do to keep my board from sinking in the powder, once you go down you need a rope to get out of it-of course the lift lined ensured I only made three runs... If you're from out of state, get out here and check it out, spend your money, and have fun (just don't stay too long or decide to move here)... Has anyone ridden Rampart area this last weekend? Is there any snow up there? Still rideable?
  5. I was listening to the radio this morning and a good point (I believe) was brought up. It seems that of all the holidays we celebrate, Veteran's Day really doesn't get much recognition... Yeah, some government offices are closed, but the majority of us are going about our daily routines... I've never served in the armed forces, but to those that have-thank you! And to those that are just going about their day as if nothing is any different, take a minute to think about all you have, and thank a Vet for it!
  6. YZeezee

    CO Riders, Berthoud on Sunday?

    It's going to be a tough decision between riding at berthoud or similar or "riding" up at Keystone...They open TOMORROW!!!!
  7. YZeezee

    CO Riders, Berthoud on Sunday?

    Potter, how do you get to Pawnee? I assume it's all flat and open, no? (kind of like a grassland)...
  8. C'mon Vegas...I don't see the "serious issues" here... The guy sent a PM b/c he didn't agree with your posting-big deal. I'm not anti gun by any means, but the guy just offered his opinion... And it was in a PM (private for a reason). Were you really trying to inform us of his personality or just looking for more people to rip on this guy-seriously???? I'm for guns in the hands of responsible people (you very well may be an extremely responsible gun owner), but it's pretty tough to say thumpinoutwest has serious issues... you were looking for more ammo (no pun intended) from guys on here to try and rip t-outwest a new one... don't insult us by telling TT members you were doing us a favor by shedding some light on this guy... please!!!
  9. YZeezee

    Big thanks to "Hurricane"...

    Got it and all is well... Sounds like a whole new machine (it'll probably ride like one too, but that's ok). Thanks again!
  10. YZeezee

    Big thanks to "Hurricane"...

    I'll still use the FMF for tracks and areas where sound isn't much of an issue-just trying to be a little more courteous when it comes to riding on trails, campgrounds, etc... I know there will be a significant decrease in power, but for trails I can deal with that...
  11. Wanted to thank "Hurricane" (Chris) for the WR exhaust-got it in the mail Friday afternoon. It's in great shape and already installed-have yet to ride with it though... Best part is Chris gave it to me and shipped it for free!!! The only stipulation is that I pass the favor along to some other TT'er when I get the chance. I'll definitely do it-thanks TT and thanks Chris for your generosity... (now I have to change my signature line and get rid of the Powercore IV)...
  12. YZeezee

    Cherry Red Exhaust

    Phil, why would you not bring that mechanic any work?
  13. Dodger, you're probably right-I didn't even think about the fact that you typically drive quite a ways up the 14er before you actually "hike" it. There may be some serious mileage involved... I'll do some checking on that. Merf, thanks for the post on the huts, I'll check those out as well...
  14. ANy of you guys do any kind of camping or climbing in the winter around Colorado? I'm looking for a good 14'er to get up (but want to avoid technical and/or ice climbing). Any suggestions would be cool, also does anyone know of boards or sites that might be a good place to find more info on the subject? Thanks!
  15. YZeezee

    Free Shirt *DELETED*

    I didn't see any survey or free shirt offer-what the???