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  1. motoxracer476

    New clutch setup

    The steel basket would also give the bike a slight "flywheel weight" feel if i remember properly its heavier... If you want to keep the light weight basket i think wiesco has a lifetime warranty and its not too expensive.
  2. motoxracer476

    anyone have problems with an 03 crf450?

    Under good maintnence it is a good bike The auto cam chain tentioner on them stock is not good clutch baskets were out (not abnormal) Valves wear out (faster when air filter not cleaned properly/ or when bike is overheated) If you dont do proper maintnence more severe things will happen...
  3. motoxracer476

    $64,000 Question on CRF450R

    The 08 Has the Smart Carb too so dont forget! This question hurts me brain cuz there are too many what ifs.... i mean my 08 vs my 03 is much easyer to ride. the 03 was like a train compaired to the 08. i think the 08 handles much better
  4. motoxracer476

    Honda cr 80 Elsinore HELP

    Im not to sure about the electrical aspect of it but to get the rust out of the gastank i would either try to sandblast the inside or do it old school style and fill it with misolanious nuts and bolts and shake it up for a week.
  5. motoxracer476

    What have you owned?

    1999 Honda XR100R 2002 Suzuki RM85 1988 Honda TRX125 <--- cant kill 'em 2000 Yamaha Blaster 2003 Kawasaki KDX50 2003 Honda CRF450R 2000 Honda XR100R 2008 Honda CRF450R Im at 8 bikes already and im only 19! I would probobly have more but mama gets pissed when I bring them home... I still have 5 of these bikes, most of the time they stay in the basement cuz there is no room in the garadge...
  6. motoxracer476

    Honda cr 80 Elsinore HELP

    I think if you can get the exhaust on there it will work, as for fitment with other things.. i have no idea, try it whats the worst that happents it wont run. Your prob guna have to do some tuning anyways...
  7. motoxracer476

    2001 cr500 whats it worth. pics n link...

    well ive been looking for a newer cr500 for a long time on craigslist. i havnt seen anything much for sale in the first place, let alone for 2200.... did you guys get yours years ago? i mean these 500's seem to be hard to find.... also the kid claims that the bike is boored 60 over to a displacment of 560cc's, meaning 6 mm over stock bore. this means the bike would have a 95 mm bore vs the stock 89 mm... he also claims to have a wiesco piston and rings but i cant seem to find a wiesco piston that is made for a 95 mm bore, is something fishy?
  8. motoxracer476

    250 frame with a 500 motor?

    Even though i have your old motor im still angry that i dont have a 500AF... Im looking at an 01 CR500 now with a steel frame, If i get it its going to stay in the steel for a while .... But eventually Id like to get a CR250 frame to put it in like you did, how much was it to get the frame modified? And what other parts are required besides the motor and frame modification?
  9. kelly blue book is just shy of $2400. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/mcy/2276692407.html he wants 3500 but will take 3300... i dont know what its really worth kelly blue book seems off.... opinions please!
  10. motoxracer476

    transmission no oil, lock up

    you will go through more $ in cheap chains easily. befor i bought an oring chain with the spacer i had to adjust my chain every ride. now i havnt touched it in 30+ hours. i have an hour meter to. plus streatched out chains kill your sprockets
  11. motoxracer476

    New to the site and need some help!

    Well while running, with it in gear, letting the clutch out will cause you to take off, the noise you may be hearing could be the chain slapping the swingarm... Just a thought!
  12. motoxracer476

    Clutch Basket

    Ebay a wiesco one. That's what im goin for when its time... warranty. Btw I also have the 08
  13. motoxracer476

    2008 Crf 450r

    I wonder what it would be like with gear oil in it
  14. You just kept putting it on and testing it... ill give it a wirl between my next oil change! Thanks:thumbsup:
  15. Im no pro... I use 1st in the woods alot, as well as tight tracks. I also think pro's use up to fourth in spots on a SX track... Maybe neutral should have a safety engagement, like pull a small lever somewhere down low to enable the bike to go into neutral. This way there is no issues...