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  1. If you are interested in a significantly larger than average indoor minimoto facility located near the VA/ NC border, fill out this survey! https://survey.vt.ed...d=1415047629572
  2. Figured this might be a more appropriate place to post this! If you are interested in a significantly larger than average indoor minimoto facility located near the VA/ NC border, fill out this survey! https://survey.vt.ed...d=1415047629572
  3. If you are interested in a significantly larger than average indoor minimoto facility located near the VA/ NC border, fill out this survey! https://survey.vt.edu/survey/entry.jsp?id=1415047629572
  4. I just got myself a 2007 Honda CRF150R the other day. It's in GREAT condition. I will be converting this bike to supermoto only. I have a few questions before I start pouring money into it (Yes I did some searching and surprisingly came up with little useful info). Wheels: 1. It seems like a popular setup for wheels is 17x2.5 front and 17x3.5 rear. I did read that one guy ran 17x3.5 all around. His exact words were something like "there were a few cu** hairs between the thickest part of the forks". I would prefer to run the 3.5's all around. Does anyone here run 3.5's all the way around? Any issues with fitment? Did you buy the wheels as a package, or lace rims up to your stock hubs? Where did you get your wheels? Do you use/need a cush drive? 2. Now onto brakes. The cheapest option for now is to get CRF250R brakes and put them on my bike. Will a CRF250R rotor bolt up to my stock 150R hub? (it's the big wheel version if that matters). I'll get nicer brakes someday, but for now I'm building on some sort of budget. Suspension: 3. Who do you turn to for suspension? should I look into aftermarket cartridges? I'm sure I'll need springs all around as I'm 200 pounds naked. Catch Cans 4. I haven't explored this yet. Any useful info would be GREAT. Like I mentioned I'm on a budget now, but someday I want this bike to be as good as a 150R can get. I don't mind spending big money, but I want to do it wisely. I just need it to work for now, so there is a priority level here (wheels first, then brakes, then catch can, then suspension I'd assume). I'd also like to add that I've been riding dirtbikes since 2003, sportbikes since 2010, and now I'm getting into supermoto. I work on all of my bikes as well. Thanks so much in advance for you help!!!
  5. Honda125 358

    turn signal(s) not working all of a sudden

    So you think the flasher is fine, its just a connection? I got new signals because I like how they look better so that will force me to get in there and make sure the connections are good...I was also thinking maybe the right rear light burned out
  6. I have an 07 drz400sm, bought on december 31, 2009. Turn signals all worked. I installed an edge tail light, same signals, lights were still good. One day the right rear signal stopped working and the right front blinked 2x as fast. the left was all normal. A couple days later the left front wouldn't blink, and the left rear would blink twice as fast and my right side was still acting the same as it was the previous two days. Two days previous to today my left side was fine (I did nothing to fix it). Right side still no good. This morning it started acting up again, then I tapped the left front blinker and it started working. This tells me the left front has a bad connection pretty much at the light itself. The right rear I am unsure of...are there any common problems with flashers? Ideas what it might be? I've not yet done my homework on the electronics of the sm, I only have experience working on my 125 and xr100.
  7. The inspection guy down the street has a 1993 Toyota Pickup with 70k original miles. Its a 4x4 with a 5 speed. Super super clean truck. He apparentally put $2650 in new parts into it, I guess he got the truck because it was abandoned. The guy said he would sell it to me for $2500. I've yet to test drive do anything besides look at it from the outside (interior looks as clean as can be though). I plan on buying this to sell and make a few quick bucks. Now is this a bad idea? Will the R title screw me? I don't want to buy it and be stuck with it because what I REALLY want is a lifted full sized truck and the toyota will not cut it by any means.
  8. Honda125 358

    Bel-ray Thumper oil-acceptable?

    I need to change the oil in my 07 drz400sm. The previous owner used amsoil 10w-40. There are no dealers near me. So Is bel ray thumper oil (10w-40) acceptable to use? Also how much oil does this bike take?
  9. Honda125 358

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Got my edge tail light installed FINALLY....unfortunately it wasn't as easy as it should have been. The goof that had the bike before me (for whatever reason) cut off the helmet lock and the tabs that the tail light mounts to. Sooooo I had to buy a new subframe. Remove old sub frame, Install the new...Oh look at this the turn signals are ghetto rigged too! He made his own holes and turn signal bracket (poorly made) out of steel...that had surface rust and there was no way I was about to drill holes into my new subframe. So I made brackets out of aluminum. They shared the bolts that hold the tail light bracket. So I put those on, fender on, seat on....hey look the fender hits the turn signal brackets! haha (I've never had turn signals on a bike before...). So seat off, fender off, turn signals off, mount them underneath the subframe tabs instead this time. Fender on, seat on, looks good now I'm SO ready to ride....its inspected and insured etc...now I need the roads to not have snow! ps: Anyone need a subframe?
  10. Honda125 358

    2 options here...first truck

    I personally would go with the f150 because my first truck was a 4x2 toyota pickup and it was so small, I was embarassed to drive it so I bought an f250. So yeah, I would be all over that especially if its lifted 12"
  11. I'm not sure what exactly they are called, but I am talking about the things that space your wheels out to the sides by bolting on to your existing lugs and then providing new lugs to bolt your wheel onto. I am NOT talking about the spacers that you use your existing lugs and they take away from the amount of thread for your bolt. Those only come in sizes up to maybe 1/2" (I know they are in 1/4"). But my question is can I get four 2" wheel spacers? I know people put them on the front because of bigger tires and clearance issues. But I was thinking, would it really be an issue if I put them on the back? Because people putting bigger tires on and using these spacers are people with 4x4 trucks. So the power going to the back wheels and being transferred through these spacers should not hurt anything right? Just because when people have their trucks in four wheel drive there is power going to the front wheels so that's what led me to believe it was fine to put them on the rear. Maybe there is a flaw in my idea though, that's why I'm Asking. Thank you!
  12. Honda125 358

    How much did you pay for your DRZ

    $3400 for a 2007 drz400sm with an HMF slip on, 3x3 mod, jetted and 6,000 miles.
  13. It will take some cash for an exhaust, jet kit, fender eliminator, etc. So the 09 will be at least 6,000 by the time its said and done (the exhaust alone will be over 400 bucks). Just some food for thought, and thats my own opinion.
  14. I need to know if a subframe from a 2009 drz400s will fit on my 2007 drz400sm....maybe I'm dumb and the s and sm are the same model (I know there is an E model..) but this is the only subframe that I can currently find and I need a subframe... Any help is GREATLY appreciated