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  1. I have an 09 530, 3,000 miles @ 82 hrs. No problems at all, runs like new.
  2. finglan

    KTM Suspension Service?

    Mammut, Where about in upstate NY are you from, I am from the Rochester area.
  3. finglan

    Stock Headlight Bulb

    Thanks for the reply, I found that it was not the bulb but a short. The whole headlight assembly is pushed so hard against the steering stem that the wires and contacts for the bulb worked its way through the rubber boot and shorted out on the steering head.
  4. My high beam went out on my stock 09 EXC headlight. Is there a bulb I can get at an auto parts store as a replacement?
  5. finglan

    Too Rich Now?

    It was a question, every small engine I ever owned needed the choke to start when cold. Just wondering what some of the other KTM owners experiences are. The bike runs great but you would think that if the choke is not needed it must be running a little rich.
  6. finglan

    Too Rich Now?

    I have a 09 530 EXC that was running waaay too lean, it took forever to warm up w/the choke on. I re-jetted w/the JD kit and now in 60 degrees I do not need the choke to start and it seems to not need any warming up but it runs good. It runs much cooler however it did seem to run hot in some very tight woods, the rads were steaming but when I could check I did not loose a drop of antifreeze. I put about 200 miles on it w/the new jetting w/out fouling a plug.
  7. finglan

    Price for 09 530 excr

    I got my 09 530 for $8,300 w/the incentive package which included tires, FMF exhaust and several other items.
  8. finglan

    Popping on decel bad?

    Well I re-jetted w/the JD kit, I also desmoged did the O ring mod and AP shim. The bike is sooooooo smooth now. It takes a 20th of the time to warm up and runs very smooth with a lot of power. I can tell that it is running much cooler. No popping at all on deceleration! I didn't want to get into jetting because I spent so much time on my last bike getting it right. The JD kit made it brainless and got it spot on the first time, well worth the money and the 2 hrs. I spent on the whole project. Thanks for all the replies telling me to re jet it.
  9. I can not find a skid plate for my son's WR 250R, anyone purchase a good one?
  10. finglan

    Popping on decel bad?

    Skeld, I am inclined to follow your suggestion, other than it takes a while for the bike to warm up (which sounds common for KTM's) the bike runs great. I am sure that the exhaust and header is sealed tight.
  11. I have an 09 530 EXC that is all stock except that I did the "baffelactomy". Now I get a lot of popping on deceleration in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears. The bike runs great otherwise. I did seal the end cap and where the exhaust meets the header with high temp silicone. Will the popping harm the motor? I am going to order the JD jet kit but I plan on ridding the bike quite a bit before I get to re-jetting.
  12. I have a 2009 530 EXCR, it runs great but a little hot in the slow tight stuff. I have read that doing the "bafflectomy" will help it run cooler. I do not want to rip into the carb and re-jet and there is no turning back after the "bafflectomy" . Will I have to re-jet after a "bafflectomy"?
  13. Went w/the 13 don't know what the rear is but it is stock, I got to tell you the BIKE IS AWESOME!!! The 13 did the trick, I love it!
  14. I just got a new 09 KTM EXC 530 and the gearing is way too tall. I have a 15 tooth in the front. I plan on about 50/50 road and woods riding in upstate NY, I have not used sixth gear at all even at highway speeds it just seems to bog the bike down. What do you suggest going down to a 14 or 13 tooth sprocket?
  15. I sold my 01 WR 426 a few years ago, I have a line on a brand new 2004 DRZ 400. I have a few questions; Is there any issues w/the 2004 models? Do you think there will be any issues w/the bike from sitting unused for 4 years? Will I be disappointed w/the power after coming off of a WR 426?