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  1. I signed it! I was a little confused on rather or not this would help get a dirt bike a street plate - because to me that is the ultimate goal. There is no reason a green sticker bike should not qualify to get a street plate if a dualsport kit is installed. If this is just some kind of plate for your car with a pretty picture to show you support OHV's, I would be a little disappointed.
  2. lab_furn

    drz400s in sand?

    I really strugled in the sand with my S, but it was bone stock other than the tires. Maybe some mods would have helped, because my E seemed to do much better in the sand.
  3. lab_furn

    500af or crf450r???

    Does anyone know if these Service Honda bikes are considered special construction when you register them? Thanks, Jim
  4. The thing I like about the slip on is that you can keep the heat shield for your leg. Does anyone offer a full exhaust system for the S that comes with a heat shield for your leg. I know I have seen them before, but don't think it was a big name brand.
  5. lab_furn

    Plating in California. (I did a search already!!!)

    I have thought the same thing. One less car being replaced by a bike seems like it would help the environment in a number of ways. Also, if money drives everything, why not just let green sticker bikes upgrade to plates (with a dualsport kit), and make people pay for it to the point where the state makes a profit? Those that want a plate bad enough would pay for it. I personally would pay up to $500 for this fee, but think $300 would not be unfair. I think the DMV was charging very little before 2004.
  6. lab_furn

    Riding with wimps! :rant:

    I have been there. I have ridden off and on for years and still get paniced in certain situations that other riders would not even think of as a problem. Worse I have had people put me in those situations to test me. I can tell you this, testing me did not improve my riding skills and almost made me that much more scared. You ride at a level you are comfortable with and you will be less likely to get hurt. Some of my funnest rides were cruising roads just looking at scenery and killing a day. Sounds like you need to ride with people that like pushing the limit and maybe ride with this guy when you are not worried about being challenged.
  7. lab_furn

    Pics of where I ride... Northern Nevada

    Nice pix! Do you ever get out towards Hawthorne NV? It looks like a lot of riding out there when I drive through it, but not sure how much of that is government/military base land.
  8. lab_furn

    2008 KTM 690 Enduro

    Does anyone know how much it will go for in the states? Also, does anyone know if the engine will require less maintenance than say the EXC525 or 450? Mostly thinking valves. I am not familiar with the motors on these?
  9. lab_furn

    Front number plate

    I know longer have this bike any more, but here are some photos with the Cycra plate using an R top clamp. Very nice fit.
  10. lab_furn

    Let's see those GHETTO BIKES!!

    Are you related to Kramer from The Seinfeld Show?
  11. The names below are more celebrities rather than Holywood stars, and mostly musicians. I have seen all these people in photos off-road riding over the years. Lyle Lovett Matt LaBlanc Craig Morgan Wow, after looking at this list again, that is a pretty weak group. Especially, Joey from Friends (hated that show). Carrot Top and David Hassellhoff would be bigger names. Since they can afford them, I guess Hollywood prefers hogs - helps fuel their already big egos.
  12. WB450, Is that the Payette river in you photo?
  13. I had a similar crash without protection. I was lucky as well, but it was the first time I ever saw a doctor not able to hide that look on there face like there was a real problem when I disrobed. That look from the doctor and 2 months of daily physical therapy on my lower back has taught me to wear as much protective gear as possible. Damn pointy rocks! As for the real topic, I am 235 and 6'-0". I found after 220 it was like going shopping for kids clothes. My local shop only had up to 38 waste pants. I have self-modified my 38 waist riding pants to a 40 and keep telling myself I will get down under 200 into 36's again and will reward my self with non-vintage riding pants. But since I am a fastfood junkie, I am not banking on the weight loss.
  14. For those of us in Commiefornia and similar states, I don't see why the DMV doesn't create some kind of "dualsport conversion" option. They allow any off-road bikes that qualify for a green sticker to upgrade to a street plate for a fairly high fee. Money seems to drive things. If people want their WR's, CRF's, etc., plated that bad they will pay the fee. Some of that money could go to enviromental causes, organizations, etc. I know this seems too simple and probably brought up numerous times, but I find it hard to believe green sticker off-road bikes with all the smog equipment is going to affect the environment more than custom built choppers, SUV's, etc.
  15. lab_furn

    this is how we roll in ohio

    Why would anyone be jealous of that video? It's falls in to the same category as two hillbillies on a quad (without helmets or shirts) crashing into a barn.