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  1. rallyDRZ

    Tuesdays pics... short ride after top end work was done

    Hard to tell but they kinda look like Maxxis M6006's?
  2. rallyDRZ

    Hey Amsoil Guy's

  3. rallyDRZ

    rear brake slamed into my exhaust!!

    The part that's getting me is the dent runs longitudinally, I don't see anything on your rear brake setup that could make that kinda mark...other than your guard and I think the caliper would hit before the guard. Maybe unbolt rear linkage and run it up to full compression, see if anything lines up? BTW...the pics of the bikes at full compression kinda makes me want a lowered SM
  4. rallyDRZ

    this is just a ? about the drz400 oil use

    Correct, at about 38,500 miles now, '06 S bought new with 0.8 miles. All stock motor except k&n, 3x3, FMF-Q & MCCT, still on 1st clutch even. Stator went at about 25K. I'm hoping to hit 50K before needing rebuild, then off to Eddie.
  5. rallyDRZ

    this is just a ? about the drz400 oil use

    Don't go 3K but I don't have to add any at 1K with over 35,000 miles.
  6. rallyDRZ


    I've had mine for almost 2 years now, I love them! 'spensive but very nice.
  7. Same bolts as stock plate, you don't have to remove it but I always do.
  8. Love mine, been on for over 15K miles, had to trim for the header, no complaints...light and quiet.
  9. rallyDRZ

    Incorrect Oil causes a stator failure or...

    Cool, just some thoughts tryin to help a brotha out.
  10. rallyDRZ

    Incorrect Oil causes a stator failure or...

    Amps x Volts equal Watts which is what the stator is measured in.
  11. rallyDRZ

    Incorrect Oil causes a stator failure or...

    Okay bear with me here...(I am by no means an expert in these matters) Based on what you have on your bike: Grips = approx 36 watts GPS = aprox 6 watts Vest = approx 36 watts When I put the 55/100W bulb in I knew I was on the knife edge of capacity by adding another 50W just in the limited-time use of of the high beam even with LED tail light. You probably use the heated grips and vest together when weather dictates it, from what I understand the stator only has about 50W of headroom in the best case scenario. I think if it were me I would disconnect one or the other (to avoid the temptation) and try it for the next year or so to see if the situation comes around again. I'm guessing here but the stator probably does not just quit like a switch, maybe it is just being overheated a little at a time leading to eventual failure. Just a thought... Best of luck!
  12. rallyDRZ

    Incorrect Oil causes a stator failure or...

    Around 20K miles seems to be the "norm" from what I have seen. Mine lasted between 20-25K with Amsoil about every thousand miles of mixed use riding, case savers, stock battery, no "free power mod" and 100W high beam to contend with. Charlie, I assume you have no auxiliary equipment hooked up to your bike...if not you may have just simply had a run of bad luck?
  13. rallyDRZ

    Hey guys with a Hyde skidplate......

    Yup, takes less than 1 minute to remove and clean plate
  14. This is the one I use, no problems in 2+ years and 20,000 miles. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navTitle=Body&navType=type&prodFamilyId=8590&webCatId=10&webTypeId=176