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  1. RedRoider4Life

    Rejetting XR400

    On my bike the snorkel is pulled, uni filter and white bros E2. The main jet i pulled out was a 138 so im guessing the pilot jet was a 52. Should I bump it up to the 162 main jet/62 pilot jet? By the way, where is the pilot jet on the carb?
  2. RedRoider4Life

    Rejetting XR400

    Wow, that sounds very involved...this is my first rejet so pardon me if i get lost in the terminology. Are you sure that was the pilot jet i pulled out? The reason I ask is the number on the jet was something like 133 0r 138 and I thought pilot jets were in the 40's and 50's. Perhaps it is best and i have a pro do this, but I really don't wanna have to spend money that doesn't need to be spent
  3. RedRoider4Life

    Rejetting XR400

    I have a 2004 XR400 and I am in the process rejetting it. Now I purchased a new main jet which is probably about and inch long and when i pulled out the stock main jet, this thing is like 2 inches long, whats the deal? I have never rejetted a bike before so either I got the wrong thing...or who knows. Any help would be great