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  1. kiethco

    after selling etiquette

    Tell him to tap the float bowl with a hammer till the float unsticks! Seriously, if you were in fact upfront about the bike you don't owe him a thing. These are offroad dirt bikes. They get ridden in dirty, taxing situations. A used one should always assume to have issues. Sorting them out is half the fun.
  2. This ride is one of the classic events offered for Dualsporters. It used to be an offroad event but has morphed into one of the best rides on two wheels. The Penguins, a Cal Poly student club, is able to secure routes on private ranches in some of the most pristine riding areas anywhere. You literally are riding along a 2 foot wide single track through knee high grass at some stages of the ride. The bbq lunch in the middle of the whole thing is a logistic miracle to say the least. I haven't missed this ride in 10 years, I'm looking forward to this years installment. A bunch of us will be at Jockos in Nipomo Saturday night for our traditional steak dinner, join us if you can. Thanks for all your efforts JoanieBalonie!
  3. kiethco

    Touchscreen GPS?

    If you wanna upgrade upgrade to the 276. If that's too big the 76csx is the standard for off road. This is, of course, my opinion. I have heard not so good things about the Oregon though.
  4. kiethco

    xr04sale plated

    I've ridden with PAco over the years, he's pretty easy on his equipment and this bike is well set up and very reliable.
  5. Wow, this thread is full of misconceptions and b.s. CARB is the one that closed the loophole on conversions. As far as getting rippped off by Joe Racer, you can't cheat an honest man. Everyone knows conversions are illegal. Along comes some clown offering to take your money and you're surprised when he rips you off? Ask him for his cancer cure elixir while you're at it. It's been illegal to do an Off highway conversion since 2004. End of story. It against the law, even if your buddy got his bike through the DMV. KTM, Husky and the big 4 offer Dualsport bikes legally plated.
  6. We've adjusted the route for 2010! We'll have bail outs earlier and a little shorter route. The 2009 route will be remembered as the one that was. We'll have less pavement in Nevada, that's a feat in itself. We have the best routemaster in the biz, Gil, and he never sleeps.
  7. Damn, Pullin', good thing you weren't on your China bike, you woulda had to pay the driver! I'm glad to hear you're ok, they're gonna total it, so start thinking about a replacement.
  8. kiethco

    Accident near Husky monument

    The LA-B-to-V has been happening for 26 years on the Thanksgiving weekend and prolly that many as a race before that, same weekend. It's part of the tradition. We had a serious injury on the ride this year, again, speed played a part.
  9. Seriously, a good question. True Dualsport bikes started out as dirtbikes. Most dirtbike guys can tell you how far they can go on a tank of gas. I prefer to do the mental gymnastics before a ride figuring mileage and gas stops. A gas gauge does you no good if there isn't a gas station around.
  10. kiethco

    450 exc or 530 exc

    I updated my 04 450 exc a couple months ago. Skullhat(on KTMtalk) slipped a 525 top end on and I wouldn't go back to the 450. I was fine with the 450, it was plenty for me, but the 525 has more giggles with the power. I had the head and valves done at the same time by Dave Hopkins at the same time.
  11. kiethco

    LA County Public OHV Dialog - anybody go to these?

    It's a shame to see the post by Bill Dart. It's no wonder people don't get involved. We should show up en masse at every chance we get if for nothing else but to show we have numbers. I went to Rowland Heights, we had 8 people, I hear there was something like 45 in Castaic. This thing does have a chance, it is a worthwhile cause to support and give input on. Get your feet wet and attend these meetings, the Commishions, the Friends of whatever and Lobby Days in Sacramento.
  12. kiethco

    Why we need to fight!

    Wasnt it Dave Matthews tour bus that opened their black water dump on a bridge somewhere in the south and had it land on a tour boat load of people? Hmmmm, illegal dumping into a scenic river, hypocrits!
  13. kiethco

    High mileage RFS update

    Gil from D-37 is pushing 50K on his 02 520 MXC. You guys are just getting broke in!
  14. kiethco

    FMF on 09 KTM EXC's?

    Big fat waste of money.
  15. kiethco

    From CRF450R to 450 or 530 EXC?

    I rode my 2004 450 EXC for 4 years. A couple months ago I had Hopkins do the upgrade valve job and Skullhat slapped on a 525 narrell and piston. I essentuially had a new 525 EXC. Holy crap, I wish I would have gone for the 525 in the beginnng. It does everything the 450 does but mo better, wayyy better in power delivery on loose hills, tractors over boulders and low hanging 1st thru 3rd wheelies are effortless.