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    rmz 450 vibration

    Just bought an 06 rmz 450...love the bike But I took my freinds 06 yz450 for a spin...It has tons more bottom end (which doesnt bother me because iam comming off a 250f) the yz feels as light as my old 250f also...but the biggest difference was the amount of engine vibration you can feel (through the bars) on the rmz compared to virtually none on the yz. My question is, does anyone know Why? Engine balance? Bars? Engine mounts, Bar mounts?
  2. yamadaug

    What's The Suzuki RM-Z450 Like?

    I'am 5-9 165 and traded my 250f for a 06 rmz 450 & I feel this bike turns great & is easier to ride than my 250f...I have more confidence with my jumps also...love the useable power but the bike does have alot of vibration thru the handle bars.