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  1. bob_e95482

    Anybody regret doing the FCR swap?

    Again, I replaced a 34mm CVK on my KLX300 with a used FCR37 from an '03 WR250. The modern four stroke MX bikes owe a lot to the development of the pumper carb. There were HP tests that show no difference between an FCR and a CV. The difference is in responsiveness. While I'm not familiar with a BSR, when I can say about a CV is that while the butterfly is connected the the throttle cable, the slide doesn't raise until engine vacuum increases. THEN the carb starts flowing more air, and picking up fuel. The pumper, with the accelerator pump, and direct connection between the throttle hand and slide, provides instantaneous results. Again, being unfamiliar with the BSR, I don't think it has an accelerator pump. I put a 40mm Keihin CV carb on my '73 HD Shovelhead. It has an accelerator pump, and works great, for a STREET motorcycle. I once crested a hill on my KLX in 5th( it's a 6 spd), and pulled it up and had the oomph to carry a wheelie, which would never happen with the CV. I also have done the Airbus and exhaust mods. Since then, I have also done the BB351 kit, with which I entailed the hot hard starting issue, which somene here told me to turn in the fuel screw, which I'll try once I get back to the USA. One more thing, a faster throttle tube takes away any fine modulation. I prefer the stock throttle, works great for me.
  2. bob_e95482

    Anybody regret doing the FCR swap?

    I replaced a CVK34 with an FCR 37 on my 99 KLX300. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I have since gone to the BB351 kit, but now it seems hot starting is an issue when it wasn't before. Anyway, this bike is more fun to ride than my KLX450. I replaced a CVK34 with an FCR 37 on my 99 KLX300. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I have since gone to the BB351 kit, but now it seems hot starting is an issue when it wasn't before. Anyway, this bike is more fun to ride than my KLX450.
  3. bob_e95482

    Foam filter oil? Why not any oil?

    I have used motorcycle oil in a pinch, and as stated before, it will dissolve the filter foam.
  4. bob_e95482

    KLX300 countershaft seal

    Thanks. I tried to pull the sleeve off but it doesn't want to budge. I'm preparing for a business trip overseas, so I won't have time to get to it for awhile. I will order a new seal, sleeve, and O ring.
  5. This is a problem. After I split the cases for a new crank, it seemed as though there were 2 seals on the countershaft. After looking at the parts fiche on Bike Bandit, it showed only the one seal, so that's what I've ordered and installed a couple of times and it keeps leaking. A local mechanic told me it only needs one, that for some reason the OEM uses two. I am referring to part #92049.
  6. bob_e95482

    KLX 250 Bill blue 351 big bore kit

    I have the BB351, but with a Stroker header, Jardine slip-on, and 37mm FCR. This project has been on a back burner for 5 years, because I bought a 450. I swapped out the Webcams 101 grind for a set of stock cams, and it starts easier. It still isn't broken in, but by a seat-of-the-pants impression, I would recommend more mods to fully realize the power available with the big bore kit.
  7. bob_e95482

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    Since 1970. I saw Japanese bikes surpass the Europeans. I saw the Long Travel Suspension revolution. Single shocks. I saw liquid cooling and disc brakes come into their own. I've owned 2 strokes and 4 strokes. My body is scarred and broken from going too fast on mediocre machines(compared to what we have now).
  8. bob_e95482

    klx 300 good or not?

    Bent bars and worn tires mean it hasn't been maintained well. $800 is low, but....
  9. bob_e95482

    Any 40+ guys here?

    I'm 53. I've been riding dirt bikes since 1970. My hips now pop out when I'm riding and I think I will have to give it up. I'm heartbroken, and it's hard to accept. I'm putting together a bucket list for my last rides.
  10. bob_e95482

    1998 KLX300R carberator

    Many of us have used the 37mm Keihin pumper carb. Do a search.
  11. bob_e95482

    KLX 300 Brake hoses replacement

    I replaced my stock front brake line with a Honda CR braided line after the lower metal line rubbed through on the rotor. I purchased a Ride Engineering front brake line clamp to clamp the brake line to the front of the fork guard. The line then goes behind the fork tube to the caliper.
  12. bob_e95482

    KLX300 with a Keihin 37mm Pump Carb

    Here's a crappy pic of my FCR37. you can see the crossmember above it. I found the easiest way to install and remove the carb is by removing the rubber intake manifold with the carb. I barely removed a tiny part of the frame crossmember headstay gusset to fit the carb. Maybe a removable bolt-in crossmember would be a good idea.
  13. bob_e95482

    Honda 23 inch front wheel

    I did not mean to hijack this thread. I just wanted to show a pic of the front wheel and hub. It's been many years since that pic was taken. I no longer have the bike or smoke cigarettes. I do still have the rifle and the Hi-Point Alpine Stars leather boots.
  14. bob_e95482

    KLX300 with a Keihin 37mm Pump Carb

    Did you cut the crossmember out of the frame?
  15. bob_e95482

    Honda 23 inch front wheel

    Mini 14. That was 20-25 years ago.