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  1. onto1wheel

    Anyone around the SF Bay want to ride the yard?

    nice offer! PM sent. I should get out and practice, maybe this will get me on my bike (?)
  2. onto1wheel

    Green Sticker Trials Bike

    I got a green sticker for my 2005 beta just last year when I registered it for the first time
  3. onto1wheel

    Tire Pressure?

    Looking for a more specific number? In my tube-type front and tubeless rear Michelins I’ve run 6 psi front and 4psi rear for many years. I switched to Dunlops a few years ago and dropped to 3.5psi in the rear. I run this in all conditions: rocks, splatters, mud, etc. I haven’t had a flat in over 15 years. (and don’t forget to check your tires after every loop. Things can change) (I run these pressures in the local expert class, so if you’re just starting out, they’re probably a good starting point for you, too) And yes, a simple bicycle pump will do the trick, unless you need to seat a bead, in which case a co2 won’t do it (from my experience about 15 years ago on the trail)
  4. onto1wheel

    how much fork oil in a Fantic??

    My records for my 1984 Fantic 240 show I was using 7.5 oz each, don't know if they were exactly the same. Might be a good starting point?
  5. Thanks centrespike, that sounds like great advice. even on my little 20' jump in the backyard, with my CRF150F, i had plenty of time to practice pulling in the clutch. I'll be tapping the brake next to see what really happens. It sure seems like a "must know" technique to me if you plan to spend any time in the air (and really don't like crashing), i mean, James and Chad use this technique on nearly every jump, it seems (and boy would i like to ride like them! ) And yes, i've made the mistake of chopping the throttle at take-off and nearly endoed a few times. fortunately my buddy was watching and explained to me what i was doing, cause i wasn't figuring it out. doh!
  6. thanks for the info. I ride a CRF250X, and have been experimenting with chopping the throttle a little, so i guess that's a good start. I just don't want to try upping to 30', 40', etc if brake tapping is an essential tool. Seems like if you screw up w your bikes take-off "attitude", it would be nice to know how to correct it mid air. sounds like it's not essential, though. (and, uhm, you might have forgotten what it's like when you're at the 25' ability, you don't just go head over to the 45-60' jumps. well, I don't anyway... )
  7. good stuff here guys... I've been wanting to get to the next level (I'm at 25' tables), and wondering about the pull in the clutch/tap the rear brake technique. So far I haven't tried it (but i plan to). Am I just asking for trouble by jumping 25' (or more) without mastering this correction technique? thanks for any advice
  8. onto1wheel

    It should work ?

    You might also be interested in what Paul is doing in NorCal: www.ecotrials.com He never stalls it! Seems to work pretty darn well, too
  9. onto1wheel

    Skid plate wear

    The skid plate is there to take the abuse. It will eventually need to be replaced. The more rock and concrete you ride, and the more you bash it, the sooner it will need replacing. I've never heard of a plastic glide plate. It would disinegrate that much sooner.
  10. onto1wheel

    Getting Ready for First Event

    unless you've been practicing regularly with someone who can suggest which class to ride in, I would suggest always riding the easiest class or at least one that looks too easy. Much, much better for a first timer to start with things too easy than too hard. You may find that sections that look easy, really aren't. Sometimes too hard takes the fun out of it (pushing yourself too hard probably shouldn't happen until you're truly addicted to the sport). Try to take a peek at a few sections, if you can. Some of the loops can be really long (in my club), so I can't imagine riding the whole loop before the trial. Personally, I would really fade if I didn't eat some nourishment thru the day. Small snacks every hour or so are best (and plenty to drink, of course). Also, I find it's much more enjoyable to not look at other folks scores until after the event. To me, trials is about ME against the sections. Thinking about other peoples scores can mess with your head. You WILL make silly mistakes. It's OK. Just have FUN.
  11. onto1wheel


    you got them all in 30 hours?! wow, fast connection. I did one a night, took many a night. worth it though to have some good quality world trials vid's You could find out about compressing files here http://www.observedtrials.net/vb/showthread.php?t=12734 if you really want
  12. onto1wheel


    Iv'e downloaded all the full length ones by going here http://www.trialmotor.hu/files/contentimages/Image/fk/ then right click on the mpg files and "save as" Then it's just like you're in Europe watching mototrials on tv. There are many good world vid's in there per F_k: Feel free to share it on any forum or forums.
  13. onto1wheel

    Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    for sure, my plan is to be at bear valley this wknd. Awesome place to ride, and Adrian, Mandy and crew did an awesome job on the trial Last year (the El Trial), good and challenging. Injuries have kept me down for most of the year, but I plan to be ready by this wknd. Get out there and ride, you have no excuses! (Pretty much every spot is 3.5+ hours each way for me) sorry for the hijack, now back to your regular program....
  14. onto1wheel

    Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    If when you say "this one", you mean this one: http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=TUC_15-1503_G&tier2=26 then yes, this one. Works good for my other dirt bikes, too
  15. onto1wheel

    Low Pressure Tire Gauge

    several years ago a went to the hardware store and bought a 0-30 psi gauge (1 psi increments) with an npt thread on it, and threaded a chuck on it. only cost a few bucks. Works great. a couple days ago i was in the local www.cyclegear.com and found a nice 0-15 gauge from bikemaster for $20 i couldn't pass up. has a hose and valve and protective rubber case. 1 psi increments. The calibration even coincides with my other gauge. i likes it