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    i like dirtbiking :)
  1. paulsen

    Funniest Vid Ever

    totally awsome man!
  2. paulsen

    2009 crf 250r video

    rofl that was awsome
  3. Nice pics i ride around cobourg and port hope alot when i'm home
  4. paulsen

    My pics from the nationals

    awsome pics man! that set up worked really well
  5. paulsen

    Ponca city Videos!!

    Those kids are tearing up that track UP!
  6. paulsen

    Sick mini Vid

    Just browsing through Youtube and found it
  7. paulsen

    This is freakin insaneness

    thats sick!
  8. paulsen

    J-law on a mini

    hes killing it out there!
  9. paulsen

    Big Island Ride from Hell w/Pics

    Wow some amazing pics man! That arch was intense!
  10. paulsen

    Just awesome

  11. paulsen

    New Racer X Mike Larocco Vid!

    awsome vid! killing it for his first ride back
  12. paulsen

    SF_711: Motocross TV Superstar!!!!!

    What type of reality show?! i would love to chip in sometime, maybe make an apperance on the show or something
  13. paulsen

    Goon Off! who takes the cake ?

    its hard to choose all those vids are hilarious.. but im going to go with canard