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  1. lesurfman

    DRZ500 Concept ...

    Eddie, have you ever received the shock that Kevin was supposed to send you for inspection????
  2. lesurfman

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Hey umongus, did you shave your seat?
  3. lesurfman

    Vapor speedo sensor w/SM caliper relocator HELP!

    Here's how I've done it on mine. I fabbed an aluminum bracket that bolt in front of the fork
  4. lesurfman

    Slaying the dragon.....

    off road or supermotard?
  5. lesurfman

    Slaying the dragon.....

    Hey Yellow wolf, met you last spring at the gap and also been passed by you in the gap!!! Went back last fall and heard that you were selling the wing and quit motorcycling. Is this true????
  6. lesurfman

    FCR EMN needle on back order

    got mine from carburator parts warehouse www.carbparts.com
  7. lesurfman

    Hot cam Design fault

    Make it 5!!! I did check my new stage 1 ex and the pin stick out 1.5mm
  8. lesurfman

    wave rotors worth it?

    KVO, can you tell me what is the number engraved on your moto-master caliper bracket. Thanks
  9. lesurfman

    42 and 44 rear sprockets

    regalman, I will third you up!! I'm also running 15/41 and 15/44 on an E model with a 110 links chain. from my experience 112 links is too long for 15/41 and 110 links is too short for 15/47 From past experience with crutch rocket, I will NEVER use a clip type link on the street.
  10. lesurfman

    Graphics from the "Rising Sun"

    Hey aspencop, have you install the rising sun kit on your son bike ??? I would really like to seet it installed on a green bike!!!
  11. lesurfman

    front brake question,

    I recently bought a YZ/WR motomaster 320mm race kit on ebay for my klx400 knowing that the disk and the 4 pistons caliper were the same. I tought I would have to buy a new relocation bracket but When I received my kit I tried it on to see the bracket difference on the KLX and SURPRISE!!!! Everything fits like a glove, perfect location and spacing of the caliper so I don't know why they have different part numbers in their catalog. Eddie????
  12. lesurfman

    race prep

    Eddie, how have you done it on your bikes?
  13. lesurfman

    I just finished putting 'E' cams in my 06 SM

    Would be nice had there been a pointer for the line in the inspection hole to know it was exact (lol, more or less) William, actually there is a pointer, it's not inside the inspection hole but outside the hole. It's a little arrow casted in the cover on the edge of the hole
  14. lesurfman

    race prep

    What kind of catch can are you using and where are you putting it. I have to install one on mine and haven't figured out what to use and where to put it. pic's would be useful
  15. here you go, if you need more let me know