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  1. Wasn't the thread about where to live with good riding nearby? Within a 3 hour drive from Grand Junction you can be in Moab, San Rafael Swell, Green River, Ouray, Taylor Park(Gunnison/Crested Butte), Sargents, Uncompadgre Plateau, Montrose, Grand Mesa and countless other areas with great riding. I really don't know of another area with such world class riding within such a short driving distance. Get out of the adobes my friend, there's much more to offer out there than riding around by the airport..IMO
  2. Gee

    Cleaned trails on the western slope

    Thanks for the info, one of my favorite trails, usually linked up with the alpine trail which I hear is closed due to the fire.
  3. Gee

    Stolen bikes

    Man do I hate to hear this, I'm in Montrose as well and will keep my eyes peeled. Can you share any details of how/where they got stolen? Trying to ensure this crap doesn't happen to me!
  4. Gee

    Riding around Grand Junction?

    I used to ride here quite a bit in the winter months, they hold a hare scrambles series and run a race once a month during the colder winter season, always a fun event. http://www.vdrmx.com/
  5. Gee

    Riding around Grand Junction?

    Not a lot of moto around Junction, most of the big tracks are near Denver, Check these guys out: http://www.sraconline.org/d/ If you want to race enduros check here: http://racermec.org/ If you like hare scrambles check here: http://weberacing.com/ While I realize Colorado cannot compete with Florida in the moto scene, you are living around some of the best trail riding in the country, challenge yourself with knarly singletrack instead of jumping doubles and going in circles, you might find that you like it.
  6. Keep your eyes open for moose in that area, I've seen them on that trail and on gilsonite.
  7. Gee

    The Nationals at Thunder Valley

    I was standing on the hill and watched the entire JS thing happen, NOBODY should be crossing the track at any point during a moto, not sure how this could have happened. Heck, they wouldn't even let us in one of the tunnels during practice, said we had to wait until the bikes were off the track. Dungy had moved into second and we were poised to see a great battle, all I can say it that it really sucked and pretty much took the wind out of my sails for the rest of the day.
  8. I think Pitkin is one of the only towns where you can ride your atv/dirt bike through town. You really need a tagged bike to fully enjoy the San Juans, law enforcement is abundant.
  9. Reminder: Monster Energy Cup SX/MX race Saturday night: 10/15/11, live on Speed 8pm MT Probably the last pro race we see until Anaheim 1 in January Dungey will be racing a KTM for the first time No displacement rules or any other AMA BS, racers can try out traction control, radio communications in the helmet or any other new stuff should be a entertaining evening.
  10. Gee

    Street legal 2 stroke?

    I have a street legal YZ250, with a Colorado title. The biggest investment is for the eline stator to power the headlight/taillight. You'll need a brake light switch thingy for the rear brake(installs at the master cylinder), DOT tires, a mirror/reflectors and a horn. Then you take it to the state patrol for an inspection, take the inspection form with your proof on insurance to the DMV and get a tag/title. Here in Montrose it is an easy process once you know the rules. That all being said, riding the YZ for any distance on the road is painful, I got it tagged just for connecting trails and going into towns for fuel/food, top speed is somewhere around 45mph, but mine is slightly geared down, stock gearing you might see 55mph.
  11. Gee

    Looking for cool long trail

    I agree, I jet for 8000-9000 and can ride Moab or the San Juans without rejetting, bike runs rich up high but you're usually not at those extreme elevations for an extended period of time.
  12. Gee

    Snow Shoe row assignments are up.

    Yo Brady, glad to see you're going to make the drive! We are getting heavy rain today, race will either be epic or greasy! I've officially retired from motorized competition and have a ill family member so I won't make it up there this year, have fun and be safe! Greg
  13. Gee

    Where is this

    Yep, block and tackle for sure, if coming from cement creek it is after the double top intersection.
  14. Nice video looks sweet, you guys have fun up there and be safe!
  15. Gee

    Ouray Colorado

    Don't listen to this guy, he secretly lives in Kansas