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  1. Working on a helmet now..
  2. Adam934MX

    A few pics from Saturday

    You should pay some little kids to come out and pick rocks for a day. Looks like a cool riding spot though.
  3. Adam934MX

    twmx pic of the day

    Props to the photographer.
  4. Adam934MX

    HDR! Tell me how i did..........?

    They all look grainy and overproccesed to me. People on here seam to like that though.
  5. Adam934MX

    Helmet Cam Yz 125.

    Nowhere near 75 feet. Nice try though. That's 75 feet.
  6. If anything buy a new chest protector. Don't decide on a neck brace because it fits good with your $45 chest protector.
  7. Adam934MX

    Canards crash

    He did break his femur, and it was a clean break above his knee brace. 1 rod, no plates.
  8. Adam934MX

    what do you guys think?

    The 2nd set. The other ones are too abstract and wouldn't go with the clean flow of the bike.
  9. Adam934MX


    Hah sweet I'm in there.. Maybe these?
  10. HAH that's classic!
  11. Looks good. You don't race stock cars in the midwest by and chance? The name sounds really farmiliar.
  12. Adam934MX

    Pics of Yamahas that aren’t blue

    Great looking bike!
  13. Adam934MX

    My pics from the nationals

    Hah, I kinda like the picture for some reason..
  14. Adam934MX

    Powdercoating shop and first part!

    How much would that complete setup ready to powdercoat cost me?