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  1. EagledriverGSXR

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    heres one i finished
  2. EagledriverGSXR

    gopro footage from my first endurocross

    Wow man that looks tough....awesome vid ..id be spent after doing that at my age.
  3. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    Well im finished..ill try to get a pic outside when i get a chance...Runs great completely redone..time for a new project ..probably put this on Craig lists
  4. EagledriverGSXR

    Photo shoot Motocross girly

  5. EagledriverGSXR

    Tricks to applying graphics to 2013?

    I meant to say use a piece of tape..not take...lol..using the mobile app and cant seem to edit...
  6. EagledriverGSXR

    Tricks to applying graphics to 2013?

    I do them dry...normally line them up and use a piece of take at the highest point to hold them in place.then i peel about a inch back and start applying..where there is humps and curves use a heat gun or blow dryer but becareful...once complete i let it sit for a bit to see what rises.if it wont stay down a use a exacto knife and trim..i just did a rmz 450 and the plastic is crazy with humps .....lol .. Hope this helps.
  7. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    making progress.......
  8. EagledriverGSXR

    engine rebuild help

    I just did a complete over haul just a few days ago..Bearings are a luck of the draw..Id say it could have gotten over heated,maybe some dirt from the oil got in it..Its hard to say.mine had very small amount of play in the crank bearing which didnt seem normal but not knowing specs of bike i asked here myself...Id just change it out..i did all mine just cause the bike sat dam near 3yrs...i also installed a high compression wiseco piston and hotrod cranks assy and crank bearings aswell..As far as seals go tusk makes a nice seal kit you can buy that has them all for around $20 buck.Atleast thats what i payed.They also make a complete gasket kit aswell that was pretty well made....Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK...
  9. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    got a little more done today.shocks rebuilt ,all suspension bearings ,cleaned re-greased some replaced,still need to get chain buffer..motors built and ready to go.
  10. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    yea it has the 09 motor in it i confirmed that...the frame isnt painted its Line-X truck bed coating..had a friend that owed me a few favors..had the subframe done to...wasnt sure but may get swing arm done..Also had the clutch and mag cover done.
  11. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    got the frame done and bottom end of engine..all bearings and seals replace..including tranny bearings etc.thats where im at so far.
  12. EagledriverGSXR

    my 2008 restoration

    Hi would like to share my complete restoration of a 2008 rmz 450 i got..A little history i am the 2nd owner of the bike...When i found it ,it had been sitting 3 yrs..What had happen was the original owner bought it in 2009 as a left over and had it for 9 months. Couldn't pay for it so the dad took it cause he was a cosigner.He left it in storage.i bought it for $1800...After i brought it home it wouldnt start but i cleaned the fi,put some good gas in it and boom it started..it was more rusted and rotted than ridden in my opinion.while it ran i heard a click sound coming from the timing chain,checked the crank bearing it had play.So with that i tore all of it down,motor forks shock etc etc.Ill update till its finished.
  13. EagledriverGSXR

    engine guards

    the 08 im restoring had 2 guards that bolted to the lower frame(i believe they where plastic)..anyhow i can seem to track any down from work connections...anyone have any idea where to get some for a 2008 rmz 450
  14. EagledriverGSXR

    crank bearing question

    thanks for the reply's since posting i have torn down the motor..everything looks great but i have elected on a complete rebuild crank and all,.the bike has sat 2 1/2 yrs so it will be a complete restoration..Id say the bike hrs are minimal since it was only ridden for 9 months.the piston ,valve had very little carbon on them...most of everything on it was dry rotted..its down to the frame.Valve where in spec aswell..Not sure how to tune the efi with out a tunner (box) may have to work on that..
  15. EagledriverGSXR

    crank bearing question

    hello everyone.been along while since i been here..i looking for a answer on the mag side of a 2008 rmz 450 i bought.I hasen't been used much wasn't raced at all .but it was poorly maintained.i have tore it down to the frame and in the process of a overhaul.Anyhow it starts runs well no unusual noises. OK so i pull the mag cover off to do a timing chain inspection and when the chain is loose there is a very small amount of play on the mag.i can grab it with my had and slightly move it up and down.i can even see the chain move so slightly..To me this is a sigh of a bad bearing but wasn't sure if this could be normal..your thoughts would be appreciated.