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  1. gf7duster

    2000 XR650L

    Looking at buying a street legal on/off road and I turned up a 2000 xr650L with 19000 kms on it Is that a lot on these bikes? Any problems I should be aware of Anything in particular I should look for when I go to see it Thx
  2. gf7duster

    Any Villopoto news??

    I know I'm way behind but is RV riding 450's next year?
  3. gf7duster

    Yamaha 2000 Big Bear Professional

    I am sure this should be in a classifieds section but here goes.A friend of mine is looking for a good used carb for a 2000 Yamaha Big Bear 400 professional.Can someone tell me where to look(already checked Ebay).Any other models ise the same carb?
  4. gf7duster

    What Spark Plug.YZ85

    The manual lists an NGK BR10eg.Is this the best plug.Are there Champion equivalents?
  5. This may sound like a stupid question to some of you but I'm not much of a machanic so here goes.I bought a replacement rear wheel for my son's YZ85 and I need to know what needs to be lubricated when I put it back together.Do the wheel bearing need to be lubed?The axle?How much?What kind? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  6. gf7duster

    Pics from Washougal 1983

    The only exeptions were Barnett and Howerton on Suzuki.Honda and Kawasaki must have been way behind on thier race program then.I can't remember but I think Howerton won that race.That's a long time ago so I could be wrong.That's right in that time frame when Howerton was winning everything. I think the most exciting was the USGP.It was great to see the Europeans race as well against the great American riders of the time on their own soil.
  7. gf7duster

    Pics from Washougal 1983

    I feel the same.I don't mean to sound like an old guy but it's true.I know the new bikes are much better and the riders are better conditioned and better skilled but the racing just doesn't seem as exciting. I guess it's just my age talking.I was about sixteen and had driven about seven hours down from Canada to see this race so it was very exciting.To see yopu heroes is always memorable.I acually went three times.Two Trans ama/trans usa races and one USGP.
  8. gf7duster

    Pics from Washougal 1983

    These are the winners bikes waiting for post race tech inspection The Hurricane.My idol as a teenager and the reason my first bike was a YZ
  9. gf7duster

    Pics from Washougal 1983

    Mark Barnett Bob Hannah and Magoo during practise Kent Howerton's bike Hannnah's bike
  10. gf7duster

    Pics from Washougal 1983

    I have put these on here before but maybe people would like to see them again.I took them at Unadilla in the early '80's The start Broc Glover I'm not sure but maybe Steve Wise's factory bike.
  11. gf7duster

    A-loop for XR4

    I bought mine with the Aloop kit already on it and I have never ridden one without it so I can't say what the advantages are other than to say I love the look .It makes them look like a more current bike without having to give up owning an XR4.When I bought this bike I was looking for a simple reliable bike to ride around with my son.After doing some research I had decided on a XR4 and as soon as I saw the picture of this bike with the kit I knew it was the one.If I ever by another one at some point it will get an Aloop kit.
  12. gf7duster

    RM85 wheels for a YZ

  13. gf7duster

    RM85 wheels for a YZ

    On Ebay all the time you see that RM85 wheels will fit a YZ85.I am looking at a set for wheels off of a 2006 RM85.Will they fit my son's 2002 YZ85?
  14. gf7duster

    Hi all .

    Where in the UK are you from?My Mother is from the New Forest area.
  15. I am looking at putting a kick stand on my son's YZ85.Has anyone had anything to do with their products?