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  1. mash

    Military issue XR250R

    dont know why people think its a scam, looks like a ripoff, but i know that the australian SAS has used xrs and klxs in the middle east along with other units so dont see why it is unbelievable. Seems that it would be harder to sell a brown xr than a rough original.
  2. mash

    XR400SM coming in March??

    I have just got back to Oz from Switzerland where i went to a balloon festival (weekend off from training course) and it was sponsored by honda amongst others and along side the snow blowers was an xr600 motard, didnt get the name they put on it but it was an air cooled 600. looked alright but looked pretty heavy!
  3. mash

    Rear Spring Assembly XR400

    after undoing the lock nuts and taking all pressure of of spring so it is loose you will find a spring clip at the bottom of the shock assy. you need to take off the spring clip to remove the spring retaining plate, good luck.
  4. mash

    DOT tires

    dunlop 907 front works well, has same pattern as 952 mx tyre.
  5. mash

    XR400 Won't Start

    Afaulty Auto decomp can cause these symptoms, it pops and farts but no comp, it seems like the timing is out. This was what my problem was, now the auto decomp is off it fires better than when new.
  6. mash

    clack at idle-- what is it?

    Try turning up the idle, the auto decomp may be coming on if it idles too low.
  7. mash

    Headlight protection

    A couple of things, In Australia all XRS come with standard lighting gear, headlight with high and low, tail and brake, blinkers (turn signals) front and rear and a horn all on the stock stator and works ok. Solution to brake light dimming the headlight is to use an LED style bulb, cost me $14 ($10US) and will never blow from vibration. For my Glass headlight I got some thin Aluminium with A 3/8 wide bend on one side, then cut out a triangle shape going back to the headlight mount on the sides of the headlight. Now at the front i used small 3/16 bolts to attach an 1/8 thick piece of lexan between the two brackets and to ensure it doesnt touch the light installed 2 small stickon bumpers (from the hardware store) at the top and bottom of the light. This is better than any of the aftermarket alternatives although it does take a bit of time.
  8. mash

    Fram Oil Filter for XR400

    A better question might be, who makes the oem filter, i dought honda actually makes them. You dont even get honda oil in Australia (whoever makes that for them anyway) Castrol is used as the oem oil! Ahonda filter costs about 12 dollars here or you can get brand x for $4 if you buy 10 from ballards. thats about $3 US. Both the honda and the brand x look very similar and i have had no problems with the no name.
  9. dunlop 606 is street legal, works well and wears well, have done 3000kms on mine (aprox 2000miles) and still has a 3rd tread. 70% dirt 30% tar. Trying a Kenda Carlsbad now.
  10. mash

    Uni Vs K&N vs OEM for CA desert?

    Read an article on Uni Filters and they were developed in Australia because the dust in Australia is aparently much finer than in Europe or the US. I read there were many dnf,s in the 1988 (around that time) 4 day in Australia due to dusted engines.
  11. mash

    New fuel

    beeen using shell 95 octane in Sth Australia for ages with no problems. Just a note of interest, the vapour content of fuel changes from season to season and is different for different areas. If your vaour content drops to low in cold weather your bike might be hard to start or possibly not run as well e.g. old fuel in your bike or from a servo with low turnover. i worked in a small refinery for a while and the stories the truckies told when they picked up fuel about mistakes in the fuel unloading. wrong fuels in the wrong tanks and the again in the other tank to make the numbers add up!
  12. mash

    XR400 oil consumption question

    After changing oil and filter i have found after you fill the oil and start the bike you have to engage a gear and move the bike forward a few feet to spin the gearbox and then shut off once it has idled for a few minutes and check the oil again and top up. Ive never had to top up between oil changes every 1000kms. and oil stilll looks clean.
  13. mash

    ? for Dwight

    You could have a spring maker make them for you. I had .46kg springs made for less than half the price of brand name units.
  14. mash

    where are the cheap old xr400s?

    I wanna know where you can get a girlfriend that buys you a bike!
  15. mash

    What Goes in This Clip?

    I concur, it is the vent line with the 90 degree bend about an inch from the end