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  1. Ha! I'm going to start soon a 1997 WR 250ZJ rebuild thread myself. Good start with a clean bike!. Post plenty of pics and a list of your mods. Looking forward to your build millak !
  2. Picked up a '97 WR250z. Removed the tank today to do a compression test. PO said new top end. After 15 or so kicks I get 185 psi. Good or bad ? The Clymer manual states 100-125 psi is good to go. Thanks
  3. Thanks Bull for digging that thread up. His post is a little vague. In the end, did he install a 3 gal IMS tank for 96-01 ? It's all I can figure.
  4. Really interested in Bull's reply.
  5. Don't have the bike in the garage yet (tomorrow). Which part is it in the fiche ? https://thumpertalk.com/shop/oem.php?partcategory=904327&manufacturer=7&category=5&year=1997&model=29067
  6. Swapping to a YZ tank and seat ?
  7. Thanks CaptDan. Has anyone ever seen the graphics that are on the bike ? Are they original ? My online image searches come up with nothing that match. What is the fuel capacity of the stock WR tank ?
  8. Which years and models do plastics and seat fit ?
  9. Here's a couple. Picking it up this week. It's gonna be a six hour round trip. Figure it's worth it and the price is great. It's all stock with a gnarly pipe and Steahly FWW. The forks and wheel are included too. They are removed for a fork rebuild. Stoked!
  10. Thanks guys. smirmeister, good job working out the bugs. Does anyone know how to find out if a wr250z was imported from Canada ? VIN ?
  11. Have a chance to pick up a somewhat clean 97 WR250Z. I've read that the engine has a lot of power on tap. I am a forest trail rider and sometimes ride ST. What can I do to make the engine power more linear ? Also read that the suspension needs help. I'm 190 w/o gear.
  12. If you can swing the price, PWgarfield on ebay for an integrated taillight and signals. I don't have a link.
  13. The larger Ace hardware stores have a good metric and SAE selection.
  14. Spud, do you have a link ? The tool is for 48mm forks ?
  15. You can change the springs with the forks on the bike. Just remember to loosen the upper pinch bolts before removing the caps. Motion pro sells a cap removal tool. Highly recommend so you are not wrenching on the preload adjuster.
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