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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know it seems the California OHV areas are cracking down on people riding with green stickers on red sticker bikes. My buddy and I went to Hollister Hills (I had crf450X so was set) , he has a 2005 Yamaha wr250f which is red sticker (2006 was green sticker..so stupid) but is running a green sticker off another bike, and the ranger came out, ran the vin, theatened to arrest him, ripped off the green sticker and give him a huge ticket (ranger was actually cool). They said it was 5th person they got that day. Just thought I would put the warning out there. Stupid law!!!!!!!
  2. I have seen some 450X's with the R number plate instead of a headlight. I looked at the stock triple clamp and it does not look like this will work. Anyone done this?
  3. I have read some good reviews about GZero gas tank foam and was wondering if anyone has used it for trail riding? Make a difference? Worth 50 bucks?
  4. mike_sc

    450x for a tall guy

    I am 6'3 with Bars, scotts sub mount clamps, and fastway lo-boy pegs you are in business. I also think the KTM 450xcf-w is good for big guys (and lighter-X needs to lose weight)
  5. Hi, I have a 2003 EXC-G which came stock with a headlight. The headlight quit working so I just want to put a number plate on. Will a 2004 EXC number plate work? If so do I need additional mounting hardware? Anyone done this?
  6. mike_sc

    great steering combination

    I just put 22mm offset applied triple clamps with a sub mount kit for a scotts steering dampner and I absolutely love it. Before I had the steering dampner, the front end was a bit out of control, but once the Scotts went on the swapping was history and bike is super quick in corners. The last change I need to make is heavier fork springs due to the rake change. Check out this mod.
  7. mike_sc

    Workshop manual wanted for 2006 450x

    check ebay..there is a guy who makes copies of the factory manual which is great.
  8. mike_sc

    Lowering shifter lever

    I put fastway pegs on my 450X and they are now lower than stock. My shifter is a bit higher than I like. Is there a way to loosen the the shifter and reposition it. I tried to do this and the shifter would not fit back over the stem???
  9. mike_sc

    Scotts Steering Dampner Question

    That helps..thanks!
  10. mike_sc

    Scotts Steering Dampner Question

    I have a buddy who is selling a Scotts Steering dampner off his CBR street bike. I would like to use it on my crf450x. Would I only need to buy the correct mounting hardware. Is the Scotts dampner universal?
  11. mike_sc

    Triple clamp offset 22mm or 24mm?

    I am thinking about switching my triple clamps to after market and am wondering if I should switch to 22mm to cut down on some of front end push. Anyone switch their offset?
  12. I just bought a Supermoto DRZ and after one day chewed my A Star street riding boots up due to the cleat style foot pegs. Does anyone have a suggestion for more street friendly pegs. Thanks for the help.
  13. mike_sc

    rear wheel

    I have a set of 06' wheels off my 2006 450X listed in the classifieds (21" and 18" rear) let me know if you are interested. They have been used once and I have lowered the price to $400.
  14. mike_sc

    Steering dampener ...or not

    Thanks for the feedback.....if I can set the tension so to where it feels like there is no resistance that would be cool. I just rode up in the Lake Tahoe area and the were some rocks which made me think twice about not having one.
  15. mike_sc

    Steering dampener ...or not

    I have heard mixed things about stering dampeners if you ride tight trails. I am not doing flat out desert riding and am wondering what this would provide me in heavily wooded trails. Does it slow your turning ability in tight spots? Thanks fr any help.