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  1. jap338kx

    Acerbis 3.7 on a DRZ400s

    Thanks, This tank is Natural
  2. jap338kx

    Acerbis 3.7 on a DRZ400s

    I sought out to find the aftermarket tank that works best for me and I found plenty of information about the IMS and Clark tanks but was unable to find any detailed pictures or feedback on the acerbis tank. I first ordered the IMS 3.2 natural tank and upon receiving it I was not satisfied with it. The color had a rust tint and the fit would require wallowing out the holes in the radiator shrouds because of misplaced threads. I was very impressed with the finish and quality of the Acerbis tank. They did a good job of shaping the tank to get the gas lower than the stock tank. What I dont like about it is the acerbis logo is molded into the tank on both sides and the petcock is cheap and has a plastic valve. Having devol radiator guards on my bike I was unable to get the tank to seat properly. 2 Quick cuts with a hacksaw were required on the radiator guard to allow this tank to rest, I also had to file the metal piece on the top of the tank that the seat hooks on to. Overall I am satisfied and would recommend this tank to someone looking, it would get 5/5 with a better petcock but it can be upgraded with a raptor petcock.
  3. jap338kx

    2018 Fuel Tank Options for DRZ400

    I like the looks of that, couple questions though, Does the acrebis require removal of cooling fan? and also is the Acerbis logo on the side just a sticker?? thanks
  4. I have noticed that some aftermarket parts for the DRZ that existed 4-5 years ago are no longer being made. I have been trying to find a good tank for my 05. I bought an IMS 3.2 but the color and fit were horrible. The natural arrived as a rust brown color and I returned it in exchange for a white one which also was a faded color when new. The following are the only tanks I could find that are currently in production and their colors: Acerbis 3.7gal, colors Black, Yellow, Natural, Blue IMS 3.2gal, colors Natural, White IMS 4gal, Colors Natural Clark 3.9gal, colors Yellow, Clear Does anyone know if there are any more tanks currently made that Im missing? If this is all I can get Im considering the acerbis natural but I dont know about the finish of their tanks. Thanks
  5. jap338kx

    Should I buy a 250 2 stroke?

    a modern 250mxer will likely have different power characteristics because the hit is more set up for mx. If you got an 06+ yz250 and did some suspension work you would have a stellar woods bike with manageable power
  6. jap338kx

    Raleigh, Cary, Durham MX

    yeah around town here you would not get away with that. There are a couple places I ride you could trailer and unload but none of it is my property so I have always preferred to be able to just leave if my presence were an issue.
  7. jap338kx

    Raleigh, Cary, Durham MX

    I have a few spots I dual sport ride to in the triangle, what kind of bike do you ride?
  8. jap338kx

    Looking for riding buddy's NC/SC

    Sounds good Ill get in touch when we get closer to the date, will be on a YZ250 but should have a good mix of bikes
  9. jap338kx

    Looking for riding buddy's NC/SC

    Live in Raleigh, I've ridden CAW, Brushy, Uwharrie, and many others. Planning a trip to Brushy the first weekend in June if anyone wants to meet up
  10. jap338kx

    Raleigh, Cary, Durham MX

    I live in raleigh but mostly ride trails at some local spots
  11. jap338kx

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    Ever ride the trails at Devils ridge? I've been wanting to try them
  12. jap338kx

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    Good to hear they have groomed them I will have to give ncmp trails another chance
  13. jap338kx

    What year engines will fit in my frame?

    So just to be clear, I would press the bushing out first before I drilled it and drill on a press with precision, or could I take my makita hand drill and just hollow it out a little while it is still in the case? In terms of fixing the engine all together I have received a quote of roughly $2000 to do a complete bottom end and replace the left case with a new one($420 for that part alone) I have considered doing it myself but I do not have the tools to do the bearings, and I also dont have experience doing this type of work. Oh-so fresh sounds terrific, but I have found several yz250s from 99-04 in the $1300-1600 range which I could potentially buy one, swap the engines, part out the remaining and come out pretty good while also being able to keep some spare parts along the way! Not the ideal situation but Im trying to think outside the box here! Thanks for the replies let me know what you think
  14. I have a 2005 yz250 with a hole in the crankcase from a broken chain and I have had the bike sitting for a while and I dont know what to do with it because it is not the primary bike I ride. I was exploring options and one possibility I came up with is to buy a used complete engine from a private seller and the part out/ transfer over parts from my existing engine. Ive seen instances where people have made 03 engines fit in the 05 frame but does anyone know for sure what years will fit? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  15. jap338kx

    Raleigh/Durham riders

    any raleigh people ride the trails near shearon harris? a guy I know that rides told me a group meets out there each sunday and rides... Im in fuquay always trying to ride..