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Kenda Tire K760 Trakmaster II Tires Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Kenda Tire K760 Trakmaster II Tires. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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So you ride a dual-sport motorcycle, but like to spend most of your time riding with the dirt bike dudes than laying down miles with the adventure bike guys? Why use a truck or a trailer when your bike has a perfectly good license plate on the back? Does that 60/40 dual-sport tire only give you grip on pavement and dirt roads? These are some of the questions that I had when looking for new tires; I wanted some street legal (DOT) knobby tires. When I came across the budget friendly Kenda K760 Trakmaster II tires, I wanted to mount a set onto my street legal, tire shredn' Honda XR650R and push them to the limit!


How They Work

Kenda built the K-760 for guys like me. I like riding my bike to work and around town, but any time that I get a chance, I kick it off-road and open her up to breath. The K-760 is designed for 90% off-road and 10% on-road use; basically DOT legal knobbies that allow you to connect trails between pavement and to ride into town for fuel or food without getting any heat from the authorities.


Product Overview

The day that the  K-760 tires showed up at my door, there was one feature that really stuck out at me; they have some serious knobs on them! Glancing over at my old bald rear tire, I knew that I was in for some serious traction on the trails. In terms of sizing, I chose to go with a 80/100-21 up front and a 120/100-18 in the rear. I have them mounted on the stock Honda wheels, the front weighing in at 20lbs. and the rear is right at 24lbs.; I don’t race, so I'm not too concerned with weight, but none of us want an anchor dragging behind our bikes. In my experience, having run a variety of tires over the years, I'd say that these weights are about average for the dirt bike world. Either way, they look sharp wrapped around the rims of the 650.







I mount all of my own tires with a trusty set of spoons, so a valued feature of any tire is that It can be easily mounted. There’s no place in my heart for a tire that doesn’t want to be on the rim! There’s also satisfaction for doing the job yourself and having saved a few bucks, but for some of the stiffer tires, it's just easier to pay a shop to mount them.


My experience in mounting the K-760s was pleasant to say the very least. I haven't confirmed my beliefs yet,  but I'm pretty sure that if I left the tire near the rim long enough, it would mount itself. 😉 That's just how easy these tires mount, which came as a surprise when I read that they are a 6-ply carcass tire! I have mounted many tires and I would say these are among the easiest.



Tire performance varies on the terrain, weather conditions, and riding style, so I tried to get these tires out in as many different conditions as possible where I live. I also tried a few different tire pressures, starting out at 20 PSI front and rear. After finding the back end sliding around on dirt more than I like, I aired both ends down to 18 PSI front. I feel that this tire pressure gives great results for pavement to dirt without having to air up and down, so a good all-around setting. Tire pressure is generally a personal preference that varies by bike and riding conditions, so don't be afraid to mess around to find the combination that suits you. Just a couple of PSI in either direction can make a night and day difference in how you bike handles.


A fellow review board member suggested that I take my bike for a ride with a flat tire. Sounds a little odd, right? After thinking about all the places that I take my bike and how many are not truck accessible nor near an actual road, it makes a lot of sense. So, I rolled the bike outside and dropped the rear tire pressure to a nice, flat 0 and went around the neighborhood. It wasn't terrible, with the rear wheel feeling really loose. But, the tire stayed on the rim nicely, so if you took it easy, you could limp home without an issue. With the rear aired back up, I drained the front. Let me tell you, I'd much rather lose my rear tire than a front. The front will wander around, so a low speed would be important. Finally, I decided that I had to at least try the bike with both tires flat. Needless to say, I'd rather not have to do that! I could comfortably move the bike at a brisk walking speed, but that was about it. I would ride out on a flat before leaving my bike in the woods and walking out any day. Speed of course would vary on comfort level of the rider, but it can be done and the tires have enough rubber to protect your rims.



I'll start off this section with a quote from the tire's description on the Kenda website: “Hit the trails with confidence and don't be afraid to take it to the road when needed.” These tires are built to spend most of their time off-road. With the lack of a windshield, unbalanced wheels, and the choice of riding a dirt bike, I wasn’t looking for that Cadillac smooth ride down the road. Regardless, I've put some street miles on these tires. When it's nice out, I tend to ride my bike everywhere. Even though it's more of an off-road tire, I don’t avoid the streets and I found myself on the highway cruising at a steady 55-60 mph, feeling safe and comfortable. I don't hear the tires howling but then again, my bike my bike isn't the quietest. The DOT approval on the tires puts my mind at ease knowing that they are designed and built to withstand the heat and speed of pavement pounding. Vibration isn't an issue while cruising the streets either. I expected to be riding a bit of paint shaker but overall, the Trackmasters are relatively smooth and handle the road nicely for such an aggressive tread. When it comes to  accelerating, braking, and cornering; these tires stick to the road pretty well and get you where you need to go safely. Just keep in mind that these are DOT legal knobby tires. If you're looking for a tire that will allow you to drag your knees or stick like glue under hard breaking, these aren't the tires that you're looking for.


Dirt/ Trail

I live in an area of Alaska that has off-road riding conditions to suit everyone's needs and this gave me an excellent opportunity to try the Kenda K-760 Trackmaster II tires out on a little bit of everything. Just the other day as we were blasting down a trail, I came to a section that was full of deep grass and some nasty tundra mud. The K-760s pulled the old XR through almost every mud hole, shooting a 20' roost of slop in its path of destruction, clearing mud from the tire with every spin. I also ran into a lot of slick, glacial silt (snot). It tends to comes in random patches and I've seen bikes go down on it like they just whacked the throttle on sheet ice. The K-760s dig into this snot and allowing me to rip through corners with a nice, predictable slide. But, throttle control was still key. I'm sure that a handful of throttle would have put me on the ground.


Along the pipeline trails, you run into a loose, silty clay material. I've found that anytime there's a silty material, it's going to be a fun trail! My friend brought me to a huge hill climb of this loose stuff, complete with a water crossing at the bottom. With the throttle pinned, I felt the rear wheel kick back and forth a little, with some spinning after landing on each step going up the hill. If a huge hill climb that's covered in loose material doesn't excite you enough, having tires that hook in and having it pinned will be sure to get the blood pumping.


Does a bear shi... Er.. Uh... I mean, does a K-760 hook in the woods? Sometimes we wander off out into the woods and ride tight, technical trails full of ruts and roots. This is among my personal favorite of riding conditions. You never know what could be around the next turn; roots, rocks, nice thick soil... anything could be there and if you're stuck with a more street friendly tire, you may never know what waiting around the corner. The K-760 is a tire built for the rider that wants to see what's around that next turn. Steering feel is excellent and inputs are accurate. If I needed to change my line, it was no problem and neither was holding my line, even at speed. These tires are a real confidence booster, especially when riding in slick conditions. I recall an instance when I had to cross from one rut to another that left my buddy crossed up between the two.






Bottom line, anything that I throw at these tires, the only thing they do is hook and go! The knobs really dig in and give you the traction that you want. Less spinning, more hook,  and more wheelies! One side note though; tell your buddies to stay back a little ways.  These tires can throw some serious rock and debris. The Kenda K-760 tires really put the dirt back into my street legal dirt bike.



How well do the Kenda K-760 Trackmaster II tires hold up with miles? Naturally, this will vary by bike, rider, conditions ridden, and road use. As of right now, I have about 350 miles of 40/60 road to trail and they look pretty close to the day that I mounted them with no chunking. And, I've not babied them! So, I'm pleased. As the miles increase, I'll be sharing up-dated pictures of the tread on this review, so check back periodically to see how they are doing if your curious.


Pros 👍

  • Affordable! Depending on your size, you can pick up a set for around $100 bucks!
  • DOT approved, so they will pass any inspection your state requires for road use.
  • Great traction in all sorts of conditions/terrain.
  • Reasonable street manners for an aggressive knobby.
  • Easy to mount.

Cons 👎

  • So far, no complaints


Conclusion :prof:

I'm very impressed with the wide variety of terrain that these tires can handle. The Kenda K-760 Trackmaster II is a well rounded DOT knobby (no pun intended) that gives some serious bang for the buck to dual sport riders that see the asphalt as nothing more than a way to get to the next trail. I'm certain all of my bikes will have these tires on them as the old ones get shredded.


More @ http://powersports.kendatire.com/en-us/find-a-tire/

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I absolutely LOVE the 760s. Never had such an agressive knobby tire that wore so well on pavement. Maybe not the best off-road tire made, but the best DS tire period

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XR guy

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I have put these crap masters on my xr400 and I go through 2 rears a year with all the gravel road ridein and trailing I do, they wear even worse In sand!! I wouldn't recommend the track master to anyone I would look in to a Kenda parker dt or a moto z tractionator they will get you through a mud hole unlike the track master that just digs you in deeper

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These tires are great. Right out of the box much better than the stock tires that came with the bike.

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I have run these tires for 300 miles mainly off road and I wouldn't buy anything else great tire

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