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Kenda Tire K772 Parker Desert Terrain Tire Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Kenda Tire K772 Parker Desert Terrain Tire. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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First of all let me begin by saying that if you ride strictly MX, you can stop right here.  This is not an MX tire, nor is it intended to be used in MX racing.  Instead this is a serious desert/rough terrain tire made for those of us that ride trails or race in terrain that can often be classified as extreme.  It is heavy and very stiff.


I purchased these tires to replace some MX tires on my bored and modded 2003 XR250R.  I had always been extremely unhappy with MX tires and the way they performed in the type of riding I do, but I wasn't aware that there was an alternative to the seemingly endless number of MX tires, and I didn't want to go the trials tire route.  So, after a whole bunch of searching on the web and asking around I happened across the Kenda Desert Terrain K772.  Unlike many MX tires the K772 comes in an 18" rear, something many desert/trail bikes still use but apparently a size that is now extinct in the MX world.  I looked around for the best price from a reputable dealer, and found that Chaparral Motorsports is probably the biggest Kenda dealer.  Their price was very reasonable, around $50 for the front and $70 for the rear, well below list price.


The K772s were not in stock when I ordered them, it seems the demand has been pretty good for them, but Chaparral had them on order from the manufacturer and they arrived a couple weeks or so after I ordered them.  It is January in the high desert southwest, so I wasn't really in a big hurry to get them anyway.  My first impression was concerning the weight of the tires.  These tires are not a lightweight MX tire, they are HEAVY 6 ply monsters that I wasn't looking forwar to mounting, especially in cold weather.  The sidewalls, especially on the smaller rear, were virtually unbendable, so not being one that enjoys busted knuckles and the pain of squashed fingers I took the tires and my wheels down to Speedin Motorsports in Farmington, NM where I had them mounted for a very reasonable price.  They mount many tires there, and the owner even said that the rear was difficult to mount.  He said that those tires gave him the idea to build a tire rack near the ceiling close to a heater!


When I got them home, as is normal in the high desert, the weather had turned and we had snow and mud, neither of which I enjoy riding a 2 wheeler in.  Got them mounted and couldn't wait for the weather to change, which happens with great regularity around here, a few miles south of Durango, CO.


First impressions was the unique tread patterns.  Both tires are bi-directional, you mount them one direction for hard terrain and the other for medium.  I had read that the medium terrain direction was the best bet for all types of terrain, so they were mounted in that direction.




The front tire has a nice blocky tread, evenly spaced, and looked like it would handle very predictably.






The rear is an extremely agressive tread, even my MX riding sons were impressed at how "gnarly" it was.  Looks like it can handle about any terrain from sand to rocks and even mud.






The weather this weekend is low 60s and sunny.  We had snow several days ago so I figured now would be the time to test the tires in a wide variety of terrain.  I took a ride in the hills behind my house (my backyard borders part of the 1.5 miliion acre Farmington BLM district) and encountered every type of terrain I figured I would ever encounter in this area.  There was deep sand, mud, loose dirt, hard pack, hard pack with loose sand on top and rock.  The first thing I encountered right outside my back yard was deep sand in a small wash, the type of terrain my old MX tires were miserable in, I always felt like I was riding on thick grease when in sand.  The K772s were amazing, the bike tracked true at crawl speeds and faster, no having to concentrate on keeping the front end pointed in the right direction.  Next I hit a trail that took me up a ridge composed of loose, dry dirt, again the K772s just dug ride in and I chugged up the hill in second gear with no effort.


Getting to the top of the ridge I connected with a narrow 2 track that has plenty of whoops with a mix of hard pack, hard pack with sand and mud.  The K772 handled all the terrain flawlessly, the front stuck like glue and handled totally predictably, and the rear dug in and grabbed when needed, and when a little slide was needed while cornering it was totally predictable.


My overall impression of these tires is they are the best tires I have ever used for trail riding.  I'm currently running them at 12 psi both ends, I plan on experimenting a bit with that.  Sand, mud, rock, hard pack, it doesn't matter, they handled it all effortlessly.  As for durability, that I can't comment on, since I have only used them on one ride, but since they are, believe it or not, DOT approved I would imagine they will wear well.  And the plus is with these 6 ply tires and a heavy duty tube you probably won't have to worry too much about flats when miles from home.

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Stole them off my XR600, they look sick and grab great. 

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Daniel Sledge


Great tires but i mounted mine front kenda with the hard symbol on forward rotation and i rides like crap on the road and starts a death wobble at high speeds anyone else experience this problem?

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Jacob Alumbaugh


Best tires I've ever used for PNW trail riding 

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