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Magura Hydraulic Clutch Systems Reviews

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Nice smooth hydraulic clutch. makes a big difference on tight trails

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I have owned 4 so far. They are a good product but a little overrated. Fit is not always the greatest and my last 2 slave cylinders failed and started leaking on my two YZ's with less than 50 hours. My new YZ250FX's cable clutch is so good I did not bother installing a spare Magura I had on the shelf.

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After years of riding KTM bikes that had a hydraulically actuated clutch, I was having trouble adapting to the cabled clutch that came stock on my 2014 Honda CRF250R. I specifically had issues with clutch fade during times of heavy clutch use, mostly in low speed technique sections. To me, cabled clutch systems have a number of short-comings: cables stretch, they break, they lose adjustment, and require more attention & maintenance than their hydraulic counterparts. Now that you know I'm a fan of hydraulic clutches in general, read on if you'd like to see if I'm a fan of the Magura HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Kit that I used to convert my CRF250R.


Initial Impression & Installation

The Magura HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Kit came in a neat and tidy box, and much to my surprise, fully assembled & ready to install! In case you wondered, a new clutch lever and perch are required as the cabled perch is not compatible due to the pistons and cylinders used to build pressure in the system. Also included was a detailed instruction pamphlet which listed other offerings from Magura; I thought that this was a nice touch. I found the instructions easy-to-follow and appreciated the illustrations for us visual learners.


Installation is where the Magura HYMEC gets high marks in this reviewer’s books. After removing the OE Honda cable and perch, the Magura bolted right on with no external modifications. The Magura perch mounts to the bars identically to the stocker and the Magura clutch line is routed the same as the stock cable. The included lever is gargantuan!  Magura does offer a shorty, but I wish it was standard.  I have medium sized hands and I've had a bit of difficult time getting comfortable using it. When I brought up this point with the Magura folks, they very reasonably responded:


"Over the years we've found that the majority of riders prefer the longer 146mm lever so we make this the stock lever and offer the 123mm short lever as an option ($37 MSRP) that can be ordered from their dealer.  Let your readers know that if they are willing to ship the "unused" 146mm long lever to Magura USA we can send them the short 123mm lever as a no charge exchange."




The stock cable has a small rubber plunger which is used to keep the cable in place near the head tube of the frame. The HYMEC does not have a plunger and while not complete necessary, I crafted one with a small piece of tape. I felt more comfortable knowing the line was tight against the bike and would not catch on any tree branches or other trail debris. I understand that not all bikes are the same and because this really is a tiny issue, it simply may not be cost effective to develop a system for each specific bike.


Included with the system for the 2014 CRF250R is a new slave cylinder bracket. Its purpose is to provide the correct angle for the piston’s actuator arm to engage the clutch. If not used or installed correctly, it creates a weak spot with the clutch is engaged. The bracket was excellently machined and fit perfectly using existing hardware. However, I felt that the stock mounting bolt was a bit too short, so I replaced it with a +5mm from my hardware drawer. Overall, install time took about 15 minutes. The system comes pre-bled, saving buyers a lot of time. Nice touch.




How's It Work?
Versus the stock Honda cable system, the Magura HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Kit is truly and utterly amazing! Clutch pull is now buttery smooth and light as a feather. If fact, so light, I could pull it in with only my pinky finger. This translates into a big reduction in rider fatigue, especially for you racers. In addition, clutch action is very consistent. There was no need for adjustment in the pits or mid-moto. The 2014 CRF250R is known to have a weaker clutch compared to other 250Fs and while the Hymec system greatly improved clutch fade, but didn't completely eliminate it. I think that if it was paired with some heavy-duty clutch springs, the combination would completely eliminate this issue.


After a slight lever adjustment and a little mental perseverance, I eventually got used to the new clutch lever despite it being way too big in my eyes. Considering how much it aided on my 250F, I can only imagine the benefit of this system on a bike such as a CR500 (known to have a nasty clutch pull) or 125 two strokes.  In the past,I have had to adjust the clutch on my 125’s in excess of 3 to 4X mid-moto. That struggle would be entirely eliminated with this set-up.


Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Magura HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Kit. The packaging & installation ease get big marks from this reviewer and the performance in the field is unmatched. It boggles my mind that so many manufactures do not provide a hydraulic system stock. Luckily for us, Magura is here to pick up the slack.

 More @ http://www.magura.com/en/components/powersports/hydraulicclutchsystems/

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Amazing addition, easier clutch pull, very smooth, and great feel but best of all it does not fade! The Magura combined with the Hinson is an amazingly enjoyable combo system IMO. I am very satisfied after just one ride.

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