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Moose Racing Hybrid Footpeg Reviews

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These footpegs have a 1/2" rear offset. On the box the Moose part# is 1620-0775 the Vendor part# is STDRZ-5B

It says they fit RM125/250 (91-02), RMX250 (93-98), DRZ400 (00-16), KLX400 (03-16).

They were purchased for a 2016 Suzuki DR-Z400E (Australian model) and fitted perfectly. Fitment was fiddly but not at all difficult.

I read somewhere that these pegs are offset down as well as back, this is wrong. They were something like a couple of millimetres lower, definitely not going to make a difference. The rear offset is, however, a cheaper and less fiddly option to replacing the gear and brake levers for a guy with big feet.

These pegs are made of stainless steel and are very heavy compared to stock. I'm sure these will outlast the bike and the rider and the rider's son. The black appears to be powdercoat and I think the polished stainless parts are clear coated too. It's hard to see in the pics but the surface of these pegs is like x shapes, a bit like Phillips head screwdrivers. They don't seem especially sharp except for the longer claws at the end of the pegs. These look like they are designed to stop the foot from sliding sideways off the peg. When I first rode the bike (with the tall seat) the claws on the end of these pegs kept biting my (over-the-boot) pants whenever I stopped. It was well worth it when I got going though, my feet did not slip off a peg once.

The shape of these pegs is slightly convex. I was not too sure how I felt about the convex shape at first but now that I've tried it I think it is an excellent concept. It enabled me to have a lot of footpeg under my foot at any given time, whether I was leaning back or forward or on the balls of my feet or arches there was constant grip. Not only did it give grip but it felt like there was greater range of movement available. At no time did I ever feel like the pegs were sticky or overly bitey either. Inspecting my boot soles after two rides I found no new damage so these pegs aren't hard on boots either.

I loved these pegs and I want to get a set for my own bike (with no offset) in the future.

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Moose Hybrid Footpegs

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1/2 inch offset back .

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