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MSR Podium Stand II Reviews

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A good bike stand is one of those rider staples; everyone needs at least one good one. While they all more or less are designed to hold you bike up, some are designed better than others with more thoughtful features. MSR offered the ThumperTalk Review Team an opportunity to beat up one of their Podium Stands, so I took them up on their offer.

Product Overview
The MSR Podium Stand is designed for "extreme durability"; its frame being made from welded 1" round HQ aircraft aluminum with a hard coat finish. Its bottom is arched for stability on uneven ground and it includes a removable tool tray with clips that keep it in place. Other features include an extra thick, oil & gas resistant rubber top that is held in place with snag free recessed rivets, decal side panels for sponsor branding or your favorite stickers, and a choice of anodized silver or 6 hard coat "factory" colors.


On visual inspection, the stand materials used look good and so does the build quality, with nice looking, clean welds. Its hard coated finish has held up quite well to both use and the shop chemicals that I use, neither affecting the finish whatsoever. Still looks new.
As many riders know, working on your bike in the dirt can be a messy & frustrating situation. This is where the MSR Podium Stand removable tool tray comes in handy. I'm guilty of stowing tools and parts on my bike's seat and also guilty of unintentionally knocking them off. Carb jets and dirt are not a good combo! The integrated tool tray gives me a safe, clean, & convenient place to put tools & parts and it can be easily carried by its handles to another workspace as needed. The aluminum tool tray measures 14" long (12" ID), 10" wide, and 1.5" deep. It clips solidly to the stand's framework for storage or use. 


The MSR Podium Stand is rated for 350lbs. of machine and is 17" tall. It works great for my KTM 200MXC and Kawasaki KDX200, the height allowing both wheels to clear the ground. This is great for wheel & chain maintenance. However, my much heavier (and lower) Honda XR650L was more difficult to get on the stand (I wasn't surprised). The decal side panels kept me from being able to hold the stand still with my foot as I struggled to lift that pig up high enough. The stand seemed to laugh at the 340lb. bike weight unlike myself. So, keep your bike's weight and ground clearance below the frame rails in mind when evaluating this stand (or any other fixed height for that matter). The arched leg design does work well for uneven ground surfaces, keeping the bike plenty stable.


The top of the stand measures 10" wide (square) with a 9.5" square rubber pad held in place by16 large diameter recessed rivets. The smooth rubber surface did allow the bike to slide some when compared to other stands that I have used in cold weather (below freezing temps) and a bit of snow increased this. However, it seems to be fine above these temps and maintains a reasonable amount of grip, even with typical oil & gas residue on it. In that aspect, I'd say the the MSR stand's rubber top is better than a number of stands that I have experience with.
Pros 👍

  • Removable tool tray with handles.
  • Lightweight, strong construction.
  • Large hole for easy access for oil changes.
  • Powder coated and anodized finishes look good and are durable.
  • Nice height for most off-road bikes, especially my 2 strokes.

Cons 👎

  • Stand may be too tall for some bike applications.
  • Clips on the tool tray may break with a hard impact.
  • Smooth rubber top can be slippery when temperatures are below freezing.

Bottom Line :prof:
The MSR Podium Stand is a well built, lightweight, durable and should provide years of faithful service. The removable tool tray is an added bonus that makes working on your bike easier and at $99.95, not too hard on the wallet either. Overall this stand does a good job for its intended purposes and it met my expectations.






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