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Neutec Tubliss Motorcycle Tire System Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Neutec Tubliss Motorcycle Tire System. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!

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Great product ! I personally love it. My bike is not a power monster and i bet on the traction factor.

The extra low pressure , possible thanks to Tubliss , combined with Pirelli MT 43 and some clutch mods , made all my KTM and Hussaberg buddies look with respect at my little red bike.


It is not easy to remove and install the system for the first time /don't look what somebody says on You Tube/. Two co-riders destroyed the system /one installing it on the rear wheel, the other -removing it/.

And it is 100$ mistake. Both of them swore - never again.

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Excellent addition to the bike, running 6psi rear and 10psi front feels great for my riding style, traction is much improved on technical terrain and plenty of pressure with the sidewall locked down for high speed runs! Highly recommend if you have the YZ250X to do this mod. also grab a small plug repair kit to take with you, you can easily plug a tire on the trail if need be, no need to worry with removing the tire to replace a tube and kill an hour or more of your riding day! also great because you can ride back with zero air pressure in the tire and no fear of the tire coming off the rim bead.

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Have the gen 1 still, leaks but I can deal with it

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Worth every penny.

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I use these front and rear. Unfortunately you cant run the pressure too low or else the bike will get real loose at speed!

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