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Risk Racing RR-1 Ride-On Moto Lift Reviews

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I have a 320 lb. 2014 CRF250L and have spent 2 hrs! trying to get my bike on this thing with absolutely no luck. Damn near had a stroke doing it. I weight 185 lbs, so it's not because I'm a small guy. I have it assembled correctly (only one piece to attach) and watched several videos promoting the product to make sure I'm not doing something stupid. I'm sure a lighter dirt bike like a 125 would work fine, but I DARE the manufacturer to show me how "easy" it is with a larger bike. I even tried using leverage on the "kick stand".  I'll try lifting my 250L and have my wife stand on the lever and see if that works and let you know. Very, very disappointed. I bought it because I've had 2 back surgeries and hoped this would make life safer and easier......not even close.

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