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Acerbis Cosmo Roost Deflector Reviews

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Overview: 2 piece jacket/protector system. The chest protector/back protector/kidney belt is one piece and can be worn by itself. The 2nd piece of the system are the sleeves which have the elbow/shoulder pads.

Fit: 4/5

I ordered a small/medium. I'm 5'-10" 165 LBs. 42" chest 34" waist average arm size and length. The fit of the chest protector portion is perfect for my build. The back protector has a removable panel at the bottom of the back that shortens it by about 2" incase the protector is too long for your torso, which was the case for me, so I had to remove it for a comfortable fit. The chest/back protector covers well and fits great. There are adjustments at the shoulder to control how high or low the chest/back protector rides. Like I said, I have a 34" waist, and with the kidneybelt on my torso, there is about 6" of adjustment tighter or looser. There's also a velcro strap that holds the front of the chest protector to the kidney belt so it doesn't flop around, as well as straps that connect the chest protector to the back protector, very nice. The kidney belt is removable with zippers.

The sleeves have no adjustment and that's why I gave it a 4/5 for fit. The elbow pads fall just beyond my elbow on my average length arms. They would provide elbow protection in a crash, but the fit is not ideal. It needs an adjustment that connects the elbow/shoulder pads like other protectors have. If you have long arms, they'll fit perfectly. The elastic material is similar to undar armor, and isn't hot while riding, it breathes well. The lower half of the arm (from the elbow down) removes with a zipper if needed.

I don't notice I'm wearing it, and that's a great thing. One advantage to the sleeve system is the elbow pad adjustments don't need to be tightened to your forearm. NO ARMPUMP is a great thing!

Quality 5/5:

The plastic is high quality but it could be a bit thicker. I feel like it might crack or break if I hit a rock, but I still feel well protected while riding in it. The back protector has ribs or fish scales that allow your back to bend forward, but not back. It's a nice feature, but I'm not sure if the ribs would hold up under a crash if I landed on my back on a rock.

The elastic material, like under armor, stretches well and will not rip when you crash. It might snag on some thorns and tear a hole, but it'll remain strong and intact. The straps are also high quality elastic, and I have no fear of them breaking.

I was tempted to give this a 4/5, but decided not to because this problem is fixable... The zipper at the elbow does not have great padding, so the zipper scratches your arm until it's raw. I wore it for 10 minutes around the house and I felt like I had a thorn sticking in my arm. As a result, I wear an undershirt which works great.

Riding Comfort and Protection 5/5:

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for the sake of the review, I've already taken a fairly high speed crash with this (about 5th gear, pinned). As a result of the protector - I popped up without a scratch. The protector was undamaged, as was I.

You can't even tell you're wearing this when youre riding, it's a very very comfortable suit.

It's very easy to get on/off and the chest plate is all one piece, so you get great sternum protection, which some protectors don't have if they have a zipper running up the middle of the protector.

Features 5/5:

THIS PROTECTOR IS NECK BRACE COMPATIBLE! It has removable panels at the base of the neck (front and back) to accommodate a LEATT brace. The bottom panel of the spine protector is removable incase your torso is too short. You can wear the sleeves under your shirt, while wearing the chest/back protector over the shirt. Or you can wear them both under, or both over a shirt. It's up to you based on what you feel like doing that day - Great feature IMO. The kidney belt is removable as well. The most versatile protector I've found.

There's a removable foam layer inside the spine protector that you can wash separate from the rest. Removing this foam layer reveals a special spine gel that runs the length of your spine. You can do more research on this, it's high tech looking but I don't know how effective it is.

Recommended? 5/5

I definitely recommend this protector if you want safety, versatility, and a comfortable protector. I've crash tested it, and it has passed! I feel safer wearing it, and I don't notice being on at all.

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