Boyesen Supercooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit

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There’s no question that in this day and age, off-road bikes are pushed to the extreme edges of performance. Because of these extremes, demands on your suspension, chassis, motor, transmission, and cooling system are ever increasing. Being that I ride off-road; some areas being extremely technical and slow, additional heat is something ever present and unwanted. There’s no question that on some of these rides, my YZ450F can boil over, causing a loss in coolant and worst case scenario, a locked up motor! With a few products on the market to address this condition, the Boyesen SuperCooler (recently released for the '15 YZ450F) was excellent choice to test.

The Boyesen SuperCooler is specifically designed to enhance your cooling system. It's a cast aluminum water pump cover that has bigger water inlets, no casting seams, less restrictive corners, and a more efficient impeller for less cavitation. Boyesen claims that the SuperCooler can produce up to a 10 degree drop in coolant temperature. Those extra 10 degrees could be all the difference between you continuing your ride or dumping your hydration pack into your radiators.



Product Overview
Overall, the presentation of the product is clean and simple. Packaging wise, everything comes in a small, brown box no bigger than a couple of CDs stacked on top of each other. Inside, you’ll find that the SuperCooler comes wrapped in soft foam for protection, a few Boyesen decals, a new gasket, and some instructions. Mine came in a matte-black finish but other colors are available. Comparing the stock cover to the SuperCooler, the differences are quite apparent as the impeller is aluminum (the stock unit is plastic) and larger than stock. The water-pump cover itself has a straighter coolant tract than stock and is perfectly smooth inside. When weighing the two, there is only a minimal difference, so don't expect the SuperCooler to knock a pound off your bike.







When it comes to installing the SuperCooler, it can be done within an hour and it's not too difficult. As with any new product, I always recommend to start with a clean bike prior to installation and with the SuperCooler, this is no exception. You’ll have to remove the inner clutch cover to install the impeller and it’s important that the bike is clean to keep any dirt from entering the motor.

Following the instructions, taking your time, and having the proper tools will make the installation easier. Having the bike's manual wouldn't hurt either in case you get hung-up. Boyesen did express concern regarding the installation because some products are a bit more intensive to install and with the Boyesen SuperCooler you have to remove the inner-clutch cover. Doing this exposes the complete right-hand side of the motor which has a lot of mechanical parts. Fortunately, none of those mechanical parts need to be removed or even touched. When installing the inner-clutch cover, make sure that the dowels are in place for lining the cover up and lightly press it back on. Install the bolts, tighten to spec, and you're good to go. As mentioned before, Boyesen does supply helpful instructions.

Overall, I'm happy to report that installation really isn't as bad as one might think. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hardest), I found it to be about a 5 for a total newbie mechanic and a maybe a  2 for veteran mechanic. The  Boyesen SuperCooler does not need maintenance or adjusting, it’s an “install it and forget it” product.

For testing purposes, I rode a pretty wide variation of extremes and varying terrains. I was also fortunate to ride with a few riders that have fans on their bikes, knowing that when the fans are running, the operating temperatures are getting hot.

Testing Scenario 1: After a break-in ride to make sure that everything was working properly, I loaded up the YZ450F after 3 hard days of rain to go play in the mud. Mud has been known to really pull down the motors and put more stress on the engine, causing excessive heat output. I also run a Rekluse auto-clutch that’s constantly slipping, causing even more heat. Fortunately, my riding partner rides a KTM 2-stroke that has been known to boil over in extreme conditions and throughout our ride, especially on a few difficult hill climbs, while the KTM was spitting coolant, my YZ450F was holding strong. Never once did my bike show any signs of overheating or detonation. For this test, the SuperCooler passed!

Testing Scenario 2: I live in the desert and for 11 months of the year it's snow…but for one month of the year its well over 35 degrees Celsius (95F)! We got an early gift this year with a weeks worth of 95F weather. What better test than to go out riding? Taking caution with me and packing plenty of water, I headed out to a loop which we call Purgatory and the title seemed fitting for the day's ride. The terrain is mostly first gear, clutch abusing, slow twisting trails with various long and short rocky hill climbs thrown in for good measure. Virtually no air is able to pass through the radiators as the bike is just moving too slow for adequate cooling. After 3 hours on the trails, not a single sign of the bike overheating was noticed, although I had drained my hydration pack over an hour ago.

I felt I had put the SuperCooler through about the most extreme (but realistic) test scenario, as not all my rides are this hard. I do try to challenge myself and test products to their fullest and during the course of these rides I haven't witnessed any negative performance or reliability issues with the SuperCooler and it passed with flying colors.

Pros :thumbsup:


  • Keeps bike operating cooler.
  • Looks nice on the bike.
  • Better option for replacement if OEM is damaged.

Cons :thumbsdn:

  • Installation could be intimidating to lesser skilled mechanics.

Being that I ride a 450 4-stroke in the woods, my bike is pretty much guaranteed to overheat and lose coolant at some point. I don't have the option of mounting a fan on the YZ450F, so this is where the SuperCooler has stepped up. Boyesen has put the time and research into their SuperCooler product to help bikes like mine from overheating and it works, plain and simple!

There are a few products that I have bought from bike to bike during the course of my reviews and I've had great success with many outstanding products. Now I’m adding the Boyesen SuperCooler Water Pump Cover and Impeller Kit to the list. In my opinion, the quality, customer support, and performance of Boyesen Engineering and their products have always been among the very best in the business.

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Supposedly makes the bike run cooler. I don't have a temp gauge to tell the difference, but the bike hasn't boiled over since its installation.

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Looks Trick and cools down the bike big time. Much better than stock.

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