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Knobby Knife Tire Sharpening Tool Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Knobby Knife Tire Sharpening Tool. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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Having used both the original knobby knife and the chinese knock offs sold by hardline so I will do a comparison between the two.


Original Knobby Knife


Price: $70.95



  • solid wooden handle
  • sharp edge
  • heats up quickly (~10 mins)
  • cuts easily


  • No on/off switch
  • A little on the expensive side (although it is made in the USA)


Hardline Tread Doctor


Price: $46.46



  • on/off switch
  • includes a tire groover attachment as well


  • Takes a long time to heat up (~20 minutes)
  • Blade is more like a blunt edge.
  • Cheap plastic handle
  • More force needed to make a cut than the original Knobby Knife


The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that both of these tools get the job done however the original knobby knife will get it done much faster and with less effort.  I am not sure if the Hardline version of the Kobby Knife is a lower wattage or what but it does not seem to get hot enough. It also seems to not be so great at maintaining temperature as you cut a few knobbies as it starts to get harder.  Furthermore the cheap plastic handle creaks and groans as you apply force making you think it's going to crack in your hands and the lack of a sharp edge is baffling.  My buddies just sharpened theirs on a bench grinder and it worked better but you should not have to do that.  I do wish the the origin Knobby Knife came with the tire groover attachment as well but overall it is still the better of the two tools.


Original Knobby Knife: 5 Stars

Hardline Tread Doctor: 3 Stars

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These are great. GET THE SIPING KIT. I think they call it a sniping kit but whatever. It works well to scoop out the fronts of the knobs...much better than the regular blade. Huge difference. Definitely recommend. Pays for itself twice the first time u use it. Time and energy changing the tire and cost of the tire. You may get 3 fresh feeling tires out of one tire before u need to change it. I wouldnt be surprised.

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I've used it several times and works great .Just as described,I spoke to the man that invented it and he was very helpful with tips on how to use it. Definitely  does have a slight learning curve but hay what doesn't.

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The Knobby Knife is a great tool which maximizes your tire life and tire $ by repeatedly extending the life of your partially worn tires, rather than having to throw them away prematurely. Easy to use and it will have paid for itself after cutting just one tire. Highly recommend it. A++

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