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Doubletake Mirror Enduro Mirrors Reviews

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I have recently acquired a 2013 Honda XR650L, which is my project bike.  I am "making it my own" with some carefully selected upgrades.  One of my favorite upgrades are the Doubletake Enduro Mirrors.

The Doubletake mirrors are an essential upgrade for any bike that is used off-road, especially if the riding is around trees, brush, or any other obstacles that make contact with the bike on a ride.  Or, essential for any bike that may make contact with the ground.

The key features & benefits of the mirrors are:

  • Easily fold out of harm's way for trail riding.
  • Even though they are easy to adjust, once adjusted, they stay put.
  • In the event of a crash, or contact with another bike or a tree etc., they will pivot without breaking either the clutch or brake perch.  Additionally, the rider is not exposed to a sharp steel rod from a snapped off OEM mirror stalk.
  • They feature very high quality SAE spec glass that gives a crystal clear view.  The glass is slightly convex to provide a wide field of view.  I have found that the rear view images are sharper than that of my OEM mirrors.
  • They appear to be virtually indestructible, and are made out of a very tough nylon.  The ball mounts and arms are Ram Mount brand components that are also of very high quality. The Ram Mount double-socket arm is metal, so it is tough as well.   However, in the event of breakage, all of the individual components are replaceable.
  • The total weight of the mirror assemblies are about the same as the OEM mirrors.
  • MSRP is a very reasonable $96.  These are the last mirrors you will ever need to buy.

I have not noticed any vibration to speak of while riding, other than what the OEM mirrors exhibit.  The XR650l is a "thumper", so it does vibrate more than a multi-cylinder bike, so that is just the nature of the beast.  I have learned to instinctively momentarily back off of the throttle for a second to get a crystal clear view behind me if needed.  Again, that is not any different than with the OEM mirrors.  Thus, given the better optical quality of these,  I get a better view than with the OEM mirrors.

Before I had my new mirrors, I rode with my swift riding partner, Flyin Bryan aka @Bryan Bosch.  He has the Doubletake Adventure mirrors on his KTM 690 Enduro R.  On a spirited ride, we had a little collision, and my bike and especially my body, made contact with his bike.  His Doubletake mirror pivoted without any damage to it, the front brake perch or me!  It functioned perfectly!

In addition, I recently did a trip to Tennessee and Georgia and got to further test these mirrors on pavement, forest service roads and a very small amount of single track.  The mirrors performed admirably.  However, the real test was before I even started on my trip.  The night before my departure from home, I loaded my bike in the back of my Honda Ridgeline.  I wanted to have everything loaded and ready to go.  I also did not want to leave my truck or XR650L outside.  I proceeded to slowly pull into my garage and then got this feeling that I better get out and double check the clearance between the garage door header and my mirrors.  The mirrors had already made contact with the stucco header and pivoted down without damage to the mirrors or perches, with  only some minor scratches on the mirror arms.  I was mad at myself for doing such a boneheaded thing, but, it seems I do that type of thing much more often with my chronic sleep deficit.  A short side story.....I had a friend in the military that drove his Ford Explorer into his garage with his mountain bike on the roof rack.  Now that was a bummer!  



Mirrors folded out of harm's way and ready for the trail!

The only thing I would change about the mirrors is the Ball Stud Base, that screws into the brake or clutch perch.  The post is round, without flat sides to get a wrench on.  It is not a big deal, as I hand tightened and used Loctite.  I then tightened the double socket arm onto the ball to get more leverage, and used it as a "wrench" and then snugged it down some more.  I may file flat sides on the posts if the need to tighten more arises.  However, I suppose that the post does not have flat sides due to its small, low profile design.



If I had a third hand to hold my camera, I would have given the mirrors TWO THUMBS UP!  

In summary:

  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Saves the brake and clutch perches, and your body, in a crash.
  • Light Weight
  • Lifetime Warranty on Mirror Body (glass can be purchased separately).
  • Made in Colorado Springs by a rider.
  • Look Cool


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Replaced my stock mirrors with Double Take. great product, easy install

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$45 x 2 = $90.

Slightly better than OEM for vibration. But, these will not break your brake or clutch perches in a get off. They'll "fold" away, and not snap off anything important. Worth the fare...

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The Double Take Enduro Mirrors are a fantastic upgrade for the WRR if you're going to spend any amount of time off road. Easy and quick to move down of remove and then just as easily readjust or install.

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Essential for road legs to see over one's shoulder

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