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Helmet Butler Gear Storage System Reviews

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This is a really cool and practical product that was easy to install and use. It is also an inexpensive answer to the messy closet full of riding equipment. Well worth the 5 min and $ it takes to make it yours. ;)

P.S. Damn, that's a really nice helmet. :lol::thumbsup:

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Bryan Bosch

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I ran across this convenient product a few weeks ago and decided to give it a shot. Writing this review was a little hard because the Helmet Butler is so elegantly simple, you feel like you need to dig to get more than a couple of sentences on the page. In a nut shell, it's a gear storage system for street & dual sport riders that want quick & easy access to their helmet, jacket & gloves on the way out and a tidy way to stow them until their next ride.



The Helmet Butler installs with basic hand tools (stud finder, level & cordless drill w/ Phillips bit) in less than 10 minutes. There wasn't a wall stud where we wanted to mount the product, so we used heavy duty screw-in type drywall anchors that were rated for the weight of the gear that we'd be stowing. If you drive the installation screws with a drill motor, be sure not to over tighten the mounting screws. While the Helmet Butler frame is a pretty strong polymer, it's not steel.



We tested by stowing a helmet, a fairly heavy leather riding jacket, a couple of jerseys and pair of gloves. The helmet plate sits at an angle and there is a vertical tab that stops the helmet from sliding off the unit. The jacket & jerseys were on typical closet hangers and there are two holes in the body of the unit where you can hang multiple garments per hole. Lastly, the gloves were hung securely on the supplied alligator style clip. With all the gear stowed, the Helmet Butler was sturdy and the gear was organized & easily accessible.


Purdy Stuff

You can mix/match from 8 different colors for both the helmet plate and base unit. There is even Pepto pink for the ladies and/or manly men. ;)



For riders that use their bike daily as primary transportation, the Helmet Butler is a perfect fit. But, even if you don't, those with a bit of neat freak in them will appreciate the organization benefits and I say why not dress up the garage or man cave by showing off your sweet lids and gear. :thumbsup:


If you gotta have one, the folks at will hook you up for a tick under $30 smackaroonies.




Special thanks to Marc Englander, my lovely assistant & friend who gracefully installed the product. Nice job Marc! ;)

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