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Cycra Racing Full Armor Skid Plate Reviews

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I bought the Cycra Full Armor Skid Plate last September after I got my 2016 yz250f. I ride a lot of pretty technical single track and race hare scrambles in the 250C class. In the type of riding that I do, I don't really encounter huge rock gardens that you need a really beefy skid plate to protect your bike, so when I ordered this I was going for the light weight, less noise, and better frame flex that a plastic skid plate offers. 

The install on this skid plate was pretty simple and it comes with all the hardware you need to mount it (as it should, thanks Cycra). It mounts like most other skid plates with the brackets on the front and rear part of the plate that go around the frame. The bracket for the rear is already mounted on the skid plate. The bracket for the front (on the 2016 yz250f) is a single piece of aluminum that stretches between the 2 frame rails and bolts to the skid plate in between the frame rails. To get this bracket to stay in the proper position, I used a couple pieces of double sided tape to get the mounting bracket to stick to the frame so you can bolt the skid plate up. If you don't do this, the bracket will just slide down the frame out of position and it wasn't possible (for me at least) to get my hand in to hold it. 

The durability of this skid plate has really impressed me. It's built really solid for a plastic skid plate and it has held up well to everything I have threw at it. I has taken a couple decent hits from rocks and it has been fine so far, so I expect this skid plate to last for the life of the bike. 

The only complaint I have about this skid plate is that it takes a little time to mount it up the first time due to the front bracket not wanting to stay by itself in a place to allow you to put the bolts in. I haven't had this problem in the few times I have taken it off after the initial install because when you mount it the first time, it really pulls the bracket down on to the frame and keeps it really snug.

Overall, I really like this skid plate. It has really impressed me for a plastic skid plate and has held up very well in the conditions that I ride in. 

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Works great so far

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Great skid plate but be careful with button head allen screws. They round out easily.

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Cycra YZ250F skidplate - bought this and found out later there was a FX specific model.

Works but does not mount flush like the FX model.

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