Supersprox Stealth Sprocket

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Last summer, the folks at Supersprox USA contacted me to ask if I'd like to try to destroy one of their Stealth Rear Sprockets. I guess that I have a reputation of being hard on stuff! I've run both aluminum and steel sprockets from a variety of brands, usually whatever fit the budget, but the lightness of aluminum and longevity of steel found in the Stealth design sounded pretty awesome. A more accurate term is probably "light-ish", because the sprocket is not made entirely from aluminum. It uses a 7075-T6 aluminum center carrier with a nickel coated carbon steel outer ring riveted to it. Supersprox lists the Stealth Sprocket as handling power from motorcycles up to 1400cc, so my GasGas 250 2T dual sport has margin to spare. The Stealth Sprocket is not all business, coming in flashy anodized colors that add some excitement to your hub.

I received a 48 tooth sprocket in a nice looking anodized red that compliments my GasGas well, but a few months of Pac NW singletrack have pretty much taken care of the pretty part. But, I'm a function over form guy, so I'm happy. Installation is the same as any other sprocket with mounting bolts/nuts being sold separately. And, don't go cheap! Do the job right and install new hardware with threadlock.


I did a weight comparison with the steel sprocket that I removed:

  • All steel: 2lbs.
  • Supersprox USA Stealth: 1lb. 10oz.
  • Weight saved: 6oz. (about the weight of a proper billiard ball.)

As a percentage, that's an unspung weight savings of just under 19%. Not sure that this translates into a measurable performance advantage for most recreational riders, but for racers who are looking for every possible edge, saving weight while maintaining durability matters.

Since last summer, I've put nearly 1,600 miles on the Stealth Rear Sprocket, two-thirds being technical singletrack and the rest gravel roads and tarmac. I've packed it full of mud, sand, gravel, and lots and lots of snow and ice. It's been used to launch over roots & rocks, 60 mph highway jogs, and a constant barrage of decaying plant life from woods riding. About the only visible wear is that some of the nickel teeth coating has been rubbed off by the chain. So, still tons of life left in this sprocket. I'll have to report back when it finally wears out, but I expect that to be a long while.

My testing conditions:

For those who'd like to understand how I maintain my drive components, I installed the Stealth Sprocket with a new chain, using the fairly standard "3 finger" GasGas method for tension. I cleaned the chain and sprocket thoroughly after any muddy ride and lubed it up with PJ1 Black Label Chain Lube as needed.

So, over-all, what do I think of the Supersprox USA Stealth Rear Sprocket? It's been outstanding. If you're looking to save a little unsprung weight and want your sprocket to stand-up to abuse for a long while, this sprocket is up to the task.  I will definitely be running another one when the time comes.

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Great sprockets,  if you wanna save a few bucks you can get a heavier all steel version made of the same metal. 

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I purchased the 44T and love the new gearing combination of 13/44. The bike really has some get up and go now.The sprocket is designed for a CRF250X so it came with 8mm countersunk holes for the sprocket bolts. I used a step drill to ensure the holes were centred and bored the holes out to 10mm. I then fitted some 10mm countersunk bolts which I had purchased. All in all a simple installation and very happy with the result.

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Feels a bit heavy, but really good quality and can't beat the orange anodized color. Upgraded from 50T stock sprocket to get more low end.

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