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Matrix Concepts LLC M64 Elite Stand Reviews

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Matrix Concepts is best known as a company that delivers custom, factory teamicon1.png products to the general public. From the toolbox and gas can to the exhaust plug and mud scrapper, they offer the ability to make your workshop or pit area a one-off spot for your bike. The Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand is no exception. The idea behind the stand was to improve upon the aging and now discontinued line of the M2 Worx stands. After having the new stand for a few weeks and coming along with me on a few rides, I can say the updated design and execution is spot on.


When I received the stand, the first thing that popped out to me was the color. Of course, as a Honda rider, everything has to be red and my stand is no exception. On the Matrix Concepts website, the red seems a little dull. But, in no way is the actual product that way. The red is a very bright and vibrant, which really pops when out in the sun. The Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand is primarily constructed of polycarbonate plastic, but in the aims to increase strength and in my opinion, overall appearance, the stand is fitted with four pieces of aluminum. With the addition of aluminum to the front and back as well as hidden directly underneath the platform, the rotational torque is reduced, mostly found when working on the bike in the shop or mounting the bike to run it on the stand. The rubber topper to the platform is replaceable, which an excellent option over buying a whole new stand. However, I do not see much reason to replace. The material is a very hard and durable, yet offers plenty of traction, enough to prevent the bike from spinning around when in the garage. If the time comes down the road to replace, it is a simple four bolt procedure, a reduction from the twelve bolts on the outgoing M2. If you chose to outfit your stand with your name and number from an assortment of designs, the stand uses a simple one piece sticker on either side. After getting the stand wet and dirty, the stickers have stayed firmly in place. The stand also has a diamond type pattern on the inner side which I suspected as being a hiding place for dirt to sit after squirting the bike down, yet no issues arose and the stand still looks new.


Now let’s get to how well the Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand does its job of simply holding the bike upright. The primary bike the stand holds is a 2012 Honda CRF250R. When placing the bike on the stand for the first time, it felt a little taller than the stands that I’ve experienced in the past (at 17.5”) and then I notice how the bike sits on the stand. The way that the bottom rails of the frame are designed on the CRF, it places the bike in a "pre-wheelie" stance. The back tire remains in contact with the ground, while the front tire is 5.5" in the air. Not necessarily a problem, just something to note for my fellow CRF riders. This may or may not be the case with your particular machine. Luckily, Matrix has it covered with an optional wedge to attach to the stand to accommodate a wide range of frame shapes. With my CRF250R resting comfortably on the stand, I gave it a nudge to test the stand's stability. The polycarbonate plastic and aluminum construction does not completely eliminate rotation, yet in no way does it reduce my confidence in the stand. For any 450 riders wondering how strong a plastic stand can be, I also placed my XR650L BRP (Big Red Pig) along with its additional 6 gallons of fuel for some maintenance work and never once did the slight twist to the stand when cranking on bolts complicate the job or make me think twice about using the product.


When loading and unloading, the primary advantage to having a plastic stand comes into effect. The Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand is light weight and easy to move around. The stand is outfitted with four feet extenders to prevent the stand from rocking. I found them most helpful when using the stand to unload the bike from a pick-up bed. Another tip to fore-warn any future purchasers, the stand comes with a fairly large opening in the center (4.5”x5.5”) which makes oil changes a breeze.  So, no tiny hole to squeeze your hand into to access the drain bolt. That spot also doubles as a hole to swallow a sneaker when blindly stepping down from the tailgate to the stand. I would recommend using a riding boot if you plan to use the stand like I did. When it comes to packing up for the day, the side panels of the stand where the stickers are placed offer what I found to work well to hold items in place when transporting with the stand upside down (such as a fuel can).


Overall, I enjoyed the Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand and the compliments that come along with its exceptional appearance. The customization of making it your own with a name and number, optional tool tray that can be placed in two different locations on the stand, optional platform wedge, replacement rubber top pad, and the ability for the stand to double as a carrying crate when flipped upside down makes this stand the complete package. No, it's not as rock solid as some all metal constructed units, but the minimal rotation that it has in no way plays a part in compromising its function or my confidence in the product. I expect the Matrix Concepts M64 Elite Stand to be holding up one or more of my rides for many years to come.

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I have this stand for my CRF230F and my son's TTR125LE.  Obviously for these smaller bikes it puts both tires way off the ground but that works perfect.  I don't use it often due to our trail bikes having kickstands but it doubles as my stool for loading bikes into the truck and also a carrying crate as reviewed above.  Overall decent quality and value IMO.

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