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TPS Tools Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment Tool Reviews

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Having a modern fuel injected dirt bike has some nice advantages, but a bit of a myth is that each are set-up out of the box to run their best and continually adjust themselves to this end. The truth is, you might be leaving some performance on the table if your Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) is not set to the "sweet spot", especially if you've made performance modifications. Fortunately, TPS adjustments aren't expensive or difficult and the folks at TPSTool.com have made it about as painless as it gets.
How It Works
Adjusting the TPS to its optimal position on any bike ensures that you're getting the most from your motor.  This sensor tells the Engine Control Unit (ECU) the precise position of the throttle so that the ECU can provide the correct fuel and timing for every throttle opening.  If the adjustment of this sensor is off, your motor won't run at its best.  For KTM EXC model motors, there's no easier or less expensive way to overcome the excessive bottom-end leanness of the stock fuel map.  
The TPS must be adjusted while it's powered up, just as it is when the bike is running.  The bike's ECU provides a perfect 5V reference power to the sensor however, the wires are watertight and there is no way to connect a mulit-meter to them to take a measurement while the power is on.  By plugging the TPSTool into the sensor, you're able to connect the multi-meter to the wires while the sensor is powered by the precise 5V reference provided by the bike's ECU. So, no external power supplies or batteries are required to make adjustments.



My stock TPS setting came in at .59 volts. TPSTool documentation advised that EXC models should be set at .64, so I shot for this value. But, .65 is where it seemed to settle in, so I ran with it. When I started the bike, I immediately noticed that the idle was lowered, but I left it alone. When riding, the bike felt like it was "jetted" fat (too rich). Also, after a ride I notice that the idle had climbed higher than it was before I had changed the adjusted TPS setting.
After consulting with the manufacturer, I was told that the 500XC-W would be better set a .62. I tried this setting and it felt perfect; idle was normal & stayed put and the throttle response was much more crisp. A key reason why I wanted to adjust the TPS was because on occasion, after the bike was up to operating temperature, during the first few minutes of riding after a short stop, the bike would flame out. Very frustrating! So, I'm happy to reply that the .62 TPS setting achieved with the TPSTool has corrected this problem. Yes!
Special Note: While adjusting the TPS is easy enough for a beginner mechanic, it's VERY TOUCHY. Only a small movement is needed. Even tightening the TPS down can change the setting, so watch carefully.
Pros 👍

  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Easy to use & effective.
  • Manufactured by a ThumperTalk Member.
  • If you make changes in your mapping, you have this tool available in the future to recheck things.

Cons 👎

  • Not self contained (you supply the multi-meter).

Bottom-line :prof:
If you want to squeeze every drop of performance out of your fuel injected bike, this product will allow you to dial in your optimal TPS setting in a cheap, easy to use package.



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I've not seen a US EXC come from the factory with the TPS set to factory .60 spec.   Most are between .57-.59.  Either way, even .60 is still lean on the US bikes and can cause excessive popping.


I used this tool for my '16 500 EXC 6-Days and sure enough it was set at .59 from the factory.  With the tool I was quickly able to adjust to .64 which was perfect and ran hard.  Following a new aftermarket full FMF exhaust and remapping with the EU map, the .64 made the bike feel fat and sluggish. A couple minutes with the TPS Tool and I was able to find the perfect setting which was .60 for my bike.  easy peasie....


This tool is a must have for anyone with the new Fi bikes.  It's just so simple to use.

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Andrew Lezin

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This tool saved my bike!

I live in CA and was about to sell my 2017 KTM 350 SXF. It was pop stalling a lot and I could tell the bike was running to lean. After researching online and learning this was a common issue I decided to take it to the local KTM dealer. They also said it was a common problem with this year and that KTM had set them up this way due to California emission standards. They said they ran tests and the bike ran great and that there wasn’t an issue. I knew this wasn’t true and that they have to say this because of legal bs. 

I watched a YouTube video on the TPS Tool product and it seemed like the perfect tool to fix my problem. I was skeptical but  but once I hooked it up and started making the adjustments I could tell the bike was running better right away. My stock/factory setting was .49 V when I hooked up the tool. I kept increasing the voltage by .02 V and finally settled on .60 V and the bike is running flawlessly. I can get very aggressive on the throttle, chop it a bunch and the bike will not stall. This was impossible before.

If you are having similar issues this thing is no joke and I highly, highly recommend. It will make your bike run the way it was supposed to!!!

- Andrew 

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Received my PRO Self-Powered TPS Tool in Alberta Canada only 9 days after shipment from Florida, not bad for Free! 

I Ride a KTM 250 XCF-W and since I’ve owned it I’ve had trouble with Flameouts and Throttle response and overall lack of performance for what I felt a 250 4 stroke should have. After watching Matt’s videos I was sure even the 250 could benefit from some TPS Tuning. 
When out for a couple hours on the Frozen lake to Dial it in on the ice race track our town plows for our riding association. It is so fun to ride !! I had it at 0.599 to start. Didn't even ride at that number though as I knew what it was capable at that level lol. My first try was at 0.630 which was noticibly better throttle response picked up and Solved most of the flame out issues but wasn’t a lot faster for my butt dyno. I took a few more adjustments to .66 and 0.69 which were better still, front wheel started coming up in 2nd gear but still needed to drop the clutch to pop er up. 0.72 I was getting boggy at idle and even throttle response started to drop was okay but definitely worse than before. So I went back down to 0.7044. And found that to be the sweet spot. My whole ownership of the bike has consisted of trouble lifting the front wheel even in 1st, now it's coming up in second nice and Controlled! Soooo happy! I've only had the bike for 6 Months but this was the most fun I've had on it by a long shot. I can’t wait for the snow to melt and get back to our single track riding! Also, I was impressed with the performance gain all the way through the power band too, in the straight of the track I was pulling through the gears and up over 100 km/h (60mph) pretty quickly and had a lot more to give if the track was longer lol, even got a little crowd watching me have all the fun haha. Riding buddies kept telling me to change sprockets to get that tire up but I didn't want to sacrifice my top end for that. 

Love how easy this product was to use, and the free shipping is fast! Maybe most of all, Matt is so willing to help and provides excellent guidance to his customers, and really goes above and beyond!

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great product easy to use is it available for the 2017 500exc Ca ?

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