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WORX GLOVES Worx Performance Gloves Reviews

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Bryan Bosch

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A while back I wrote an article on the importance of wearing protective gloves when working with chemicals. This motivated the folks at Worx Industrial Solutions to reach out to see if we'd have an interest in trying out some of their gloves. They sent out of box with a variety of their products, but the staple is their strongest 13 mil Nitrile Gloves and that's what my review is about.

I've tried a number of different brands, but admittedly, I didn't put a lot of thought into these purchases. It was either what was in stock at the local retailer or what looked good on Amazon. All the brands did the job, but in hind sight, a lot of them sucked in comparison with what the folks at Worx sent me. How so?

After a half a dozen oil changes on my cars & bike, countless jobs cleaning/maintaining stuff, and a couple of weeks trying to troubleshoot and fix an electric gremlin with my Jeep Wrangler, I'm on the same pair of gloves. These things are tough! My last box of Permatex 08189 nitrile gloves were admittedly 5 mil by comparison, but marketed as "tough" and "premium grade". But, one pair would rarely last more than one wrenching job before ripping at the finger tips. While the Worx gloves are roughly double the cost per pair (.30 vs. .16 cents), they more than last twice as long on the average. So in reality, they end up being a good value. And, I don't have to hassle with swapping out gloves in the middle of my project.

In terms of sizing, Worx sent me XL and they fit very well. Other XLs I've tried are on the small size for an XL, with some ripping at the cuff when trying to slide them of if your hands are not bone dry. I live in Florida, so in the summer, I've had to dry and powder my hands to get some shop gloves on. In contrast, Worx gloves are more generously sized without killing finger dexterity and despite the same pair over gloves having been put on/taken off many times, no rips. The amazing durability has me thinking, have the guys at Worx shot themselves in the foot? The two tubs of 100 gloves total is going to last me a  l o n g  time given how durable they are! They are marketed as for "working professionals" and that seems to be legit.


Any downsides? Honestly, no. The gloves are hella durable, they are easy to put on/take off, and when you do the math on pricing, they represent a good value. Regardless of the brand, please wear protective shop gloves when you're working with chemicals, but I highly recommend Worx Performance Gloves from my experience using them. Good stuff folks.

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