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Bryan II


These days, most of us own a smart phone and I'd bet that many take their phone with them when they ride. I know that I do. The folks at Holeshot know this, so they designed a handlebar pad system for those that run 1 1/8" handlebars (AKA fatbars) that has spot for your phone, putting it front/center, allowing it to be viewed and operated from behind a clear plastic window that also provides limited protection of the phone from the elements.
The product was conceived and designed by an off-road rider, where typical motocross riding gear didn't really have a good place to stow a phone, if at all. He just wanted quick and easy access to his phone for simple functions like checking for an important email or text and checking out the area map. So, what type of riding that you do and what phone functions that you need to use will determine the value of the Holeshot Smart Pad to you.
So, how's it work?
Once the product has been installed and your phone is zipped in place, when riding, the pad stays in the correct position and so does the phone. I thought that the outer vinyl cover could be a smidge longer, making installation a bit easier, but in talking with the folks at Holeshot, they wanted the fit to be on the tight side for a more secure fit. It's not like riders will be taking the pad on/off regularly, so no biggie. I'd rather the product stay where it's suppose to.
The inner foam pad is carved out, so your phone sits down in the foam, not on top of the foam. I tested the product with my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone (5 3/8" X 2 13/16"), which is larger than the latest edition of the popular iPhone. It slipped into the zippered compartment with no issue, but I did have to remove the fairly thick protective phone cover that I use (Urban Armor Gear). I didn't get the opportunity to test the product in wet conditions, but I did run garden hose over the pad with my phone installed and it stayed dry. But, the product isn't designed to be waterproof, so I wouldn't use it with your phone installed in truly wet riding conditions. Splash from a puddle, misty conditions or dust? Sure.
Regarding viewability, I am able to see my entire phone screen behind the clear plastic window. The Samsung Galaxy does have two flush mounted control buttons below the screen that didn't show in the window, but I was still able to use them. So, not really an issue and your phone may be configured differently anyway. Outside of the use of this product, when using your phone in bright, sunny conditions, the screen is most likely more difficult to see when compared to use under cover or indoors. The clear plastic window of the Holeshot Smart Pad cover has no anti-glare coatings or features, so I wouldn't expect functions such as moving GPS to be very usable. You'll likely need to shade the screen with your hand or duck into a shadow or under cover to really see the screen well. That's why I said earlier that the value of this product will depend upon how you'd intend to use your phone.

Note: the picture in bright conditions makes it look like you can't see the screen at all. While not great, it's not as bad as the picture shows.
In terms of accessibility, I was able to install and remove the phone from the zippered compartment while wearing typical MX gloves. For phone function functions like taking pictures and/or video, pulling your phone out of a riding jacket or tank bag is easier, but remember, this product is designed for riders that wear off-road riding apparel that doesn't include cargo style pockets or where bike mounted bags are used. Also, with typical MX riding gloves on, I was able to activate phone apps, but I was not able to scroll the screen. With gloves removed, my phone touch screen control worked great behind the pad's clear plastic window. If you want to operate your phone with gloves on, you'd either need to buy gloves with metallic threads sewn into the finger or buy something like that made from ThumbDogs.
Pros 👍

  • Allows you carry your phone while riding, even if your off-road riding apparel has no cargo pockets.
  • Puts phone front/center, allowing for relatively quick access to whatever functions that you might need.
  • Phone unlikely to be damaged in most falls because of its location on the bike.
  • Zipper has generously sized tether that makes it easy to operate with riding gloves on.

Cons 👎

  • Phone screen is difficult to see in bright conditions.
  • Narrow choice of colors to suit different tastes (more colors are expected in the future).

In its current iteration, the Holeshot Smart Pad is best suited to riders who want to ride with their phone, wear riding apparel that doesn't include cargo pockets and don't mind stopping periodically to access phone functions. The product has not been specifically positioned for dual sport and adventure riders who are likely wearing riding apparel with cargo pockets, where they want quick access to their phone for pictures and/or video and phone functions such as moving navigation. So, you'll be happy with the Holeshot Smart Pad as long as you anticipate exactly how you'll be using your phone when out on  a ride.
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Nice looking product, and a good idea.


Although I don't trail ride, and only race Mx, there have been times I used my race bike to go to the concession stand or Mx vendor trailer, and need a spot to put money.


It would be neat if they made a version for your phone to be installed forward instead of sideways, for trail riders.  They could use their navigation on the phone.   Maybe make it so the phone is also tilted at a slight upward angle for better viewing.


I gave it a 5 star rating, because it appears it does what it was intended to do.


I didn't want to go with a lower rating because I want something different.

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Over all very happy with the quality and fitment. I can't think of how they could have made the product any better besides more color options but my bike is blue and white so no complaints from me.  I did have to trim the padding a little to fit my riser adapters but no big deal. It does get some glare mid day. I like to use it to check my speed compared to the trail tech. I have it installed on a wr450f dual sport. I keep my drift HD170 remote in there. It has a lot more uses than just to hold your phone. My fender bag is not as water resistant as the smart pad so I keep things in there that I can't afford to have get wet. Here is my personal video review. Some of the points apply more to motovlogers. 


* On very hot days my iPhone overheats in the smartpad if it is directly in the sun. Just a consideration.


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