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Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guard Reviews

Read and compare owner reviews & ratings of Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guard. Product specs, photos & video, pricing, and more!
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In the realm of protective knee gear, you can get anything from soccer-style shin guards to super-bionic knee braces.  In the United States, there isn’t any required testing or standards that this type of protective gear must pass to be sold, leaving the consumer to determine what product will do the best job of protecting them.  I currently race B class hare scrambles on my 2009  Yamaha YZ250F and I have been riding a mix of track and trail for the past 12 years.  I tip the scales at 160lbs, 5’11” tall, and I tested these While wearing Gaerne GX-1 boots and Thor Phase riding pants, along with compression shorts and knee-high moto socks.
Product Overview
The Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards feature two metal pivots to help follow the natural motion of your knee.  The hinges limit extreme knee travel in an attempt to protect you from hyper extension and hyper flexion.  There are multiple slots on the shin and thigh to provide adequate ventilation.  Three elastic straps with velcro adjusters and low-profile snap buckles hold these light (less than 1lb each) guards to your shin and thigh.
Certification and Safety
You may see "CE Certified" on some of your moto gear, but what does it mean?  Simply put, a CE marking is required for many products sold in the European Union and it means that the product meets EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.  Since this only applies to products sold in the EU, few products in the United States actually see this marking.  Be sure that you understand what the CE certification is for, as there are certifications for everything from toys to explosives (Applicable CE certifications are typically found on bicycling gear, but are not as common on motorcycle gear).  Following the “CE” label, you will find “EN-XXXX”.  This is what indicates the level that the product was certified to and what you need to pay attention to.  
Leatt boasts the CE certification on many of their products and the Dual Axis Knee Guards are no exception.  They come with an EN-1621-1 impact and EN-13595-2 abrasion certification.  In a nutshell, the standardized impact testing consists of striking the guard with a 5kg (11lb) steel object at over 30mph while measuring the perceived impact.  The latter includes dragging the guard on 60 grit sand paper at close to 20 mph.  Both tests are fairly violent.  Also, take note that these are not cheap tests to run, which is partly why many lower priced products do not carry the CE label.  I suggest that you do a quick search anytime you are buying safety gear so that you fully understand the certifications.
The Leatt guards passed both of these tests.  I personally think that you are going to be hard pressed to find a knee guard with better impact protection.  This guard does a terrific job of encompassing your knee, whether its fully extended or contracted.  The outside of these guards are made of a resilient plastic and a solid, stationary knee cup.  They wrap around behind the midpoint of the knee, providing ample side coverage in the event of a side impact.  Keep in mind that this is a knee GUARD and not a knee BRACE.  While the hinges limit the range of motion of the guard, the elastic straps do stretch and may let your knee flex past its natural range of motion.
Fit and Comfort
Using Leatt’s size chart, my legs measure 14.75” (calf/lower) and 19” (thigh/upper), putting me in the middle of the L/XL range.  The knee cup is quite wide on my legs, with about a ½” gap on each side (my knee measures 14.5” around, 4” wide).  This gap didn’t have any ill effects on comfort or protection, and it allows Leatt to also accommodate those with wider knees.  The straps have enough adjustment to fit the size rider that they were intended for and allow you to set how tight you would like them to be.  The fabric used on the inside of the guards is a little rougher than I would like to see, but by no means terrible.
The breathability of these guards is superb.  After my last hare scramble my shins hardly sweat at all; a welcome change from my Fox Titan Sport guards.  Size-wise, they are a little on the bulky side, but still fit under my Thor pants with a little room to spare.  The lower shin tucked nicely into my Gaerne GX-1 boots.  I was able to keep a good feel on the bike with my knees, and they didn’t scuff or dig into my radiator shrouds.
The knee hinge does not open quite far enough for my legs, meaning the straps have to stretch for me to fully extend my knee.  This is not a big deal while riding, but more so when you're walking around or standing still.  The hinge does do a good job of limiting side-to-side movement.
Now for the bad.  I did have some chafing/skin burn after nearly 9 hours of riding one weekend.  I had chafing on the tops of both knee caps, which I’ll attribute to having my top boot straps too loose.  This allowed the guards to slide down and ride lower than where they were intended.  I also had some rubbing on the back of my knees where the thigh strap routes.  This may be due to my size and personal fit.  I would suggest making sure your boots are properly adjusted and consider wearing compression pants if chafing is an issue.
Pros :thumbsup: 

  • Coverage and impact protection
  • Amazing Ventilation
  • Comfortable fit
  • Follows your knee’s natural motion (with the exception of fully open)

Cons :thumbsdn: 

  • Possible chafing after extended wear

Leatt is known for making thoughtfully designed, well built, and durable protective gear, and these the Leatt Dual Axis Knee Guards are no exception.  They offer a lot of protection (with CE certifications to back it up) for $89.00 MSRP.  Not many of their competitors can say that.  Other than the chafing that I experienced, they are comfortable to wear and breathe incredibly well.  The clips work well and feel like they will hold up for a long time.  If you’re in the market for some knee guards, take a serious look at these.

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Good Stuff.


Not a brace , but  a very good knee pad.

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Cube Steak


I loved them the first time I put them on my fat legs.  Leatts size guide is spot on. The guards are amazing...  and the straps are the most comfortable I have ever tried.  No boot adjustment needed.  Guards don't stick out.  Don't destroy pants. Move so naturally that I walked around with them after my ride for an hour.  Most importantly, gave me more confidence than I have felt in years. I ride a LOT of rocks.


Not a brace...  just a DAMN GOOD GUARD.   And very reasonably priced.



EDIT: Jan 16 2015


I was so impressed with the knee guards I wanted matching elbow guards.  They don't make them.  Leatt has other designs that I wasn't interested in.  I purchased a small set of these knee guards that fit my arms perfectly.  I did have to move the snaps slightly to a new location to take up a little slack...  but they work awesome. Now I have the best elbow guards I've ever worn as well.

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m   L


I love mine!  The only unfortunate thing is being a female and trying to find a good size.  I think mine are a bit too long but it doesn't bother me or my boots when strapping them on.  I tried kids sizes and the Men sizes and I think I settled with mediums or something to the effect.  I love these because they bend with my knee perfectly, I can't even tell they are really on.  The thicker straps that hold them on allow for better displacement instead of having your circulation getting cut off for some odd reason.  The guards cover the insides of my knees enough so when I'm gripping with my knees I'm no longer getting the bruises I once got with an old pair of knee guards.  They fit like a glove and are so comfortable, I could leave them on all day (sometimes I have for races)!  They are amazing and a must buy if you are in the market for guards! 


I forgot to mention the protection part.  When I fall and this happens a lot, they offer quite a comfortable fall :p  In all seriousness, they have protected my knees in many situations.  You can hardly feel the impact as it's dispersed throughout and it's like a netting affect.  I've hit a couple trees, landed on some rocks, got bucked off someone's 300 the other day, they don't move and stay in place to cover that knee.  I find this very important.  I would highly recommend these.

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I think these are the best thing out there for the money, except the fit (for me) was a little odd. I normally wear S/M stuff in moto gear, so that's what I ordered. My calves must be huge, because I couldn't even attach the center strap, yet the other two were fine. So, I ordered the next size (L/XL), and I ran out of velcro on the top and bottom straps because they were so long, but the calf straps were fine. I had a seamstress move the velcro on the top and bottom straps, and now they fit well (just slightly large, but not uncomfortable). I really like the quick-release option for the straps- I just hope the nubs don't break. It makes putting them on and removing them a breeze.

I haven't crashed [hard] in them yet- so far, they've been good in minor get-offs.

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