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threaded inserts, much better way to mount hand guards

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Tired of the old friction style mounts for your wrap around bark busters?  Try these!  The kit pictured comes with everything you need to replace the flimsy and unreliable friction style mounts for bark busters.  I have had many pairs of bark busters on my bikes and the mounting hardware always ends up starting to bend and pull out of the bar end after knocking them off a few trees or getting into a crash.  This kit completely solves this problem.  Using the supplied tap you first need to thread the end of your bars.  This is probably the hardest part of the job since you will be cutting fresh threads into aluminum.  BRP does not supply any cutting oil with the kit but it's a good idea to use some when threading your bars as the process will generate quite a bit of heat from friction.  Take your time with the tap to ensure that you don't snap it.  It's made of hardened steel which means it is brittle.  When using the tap to make threads only go a turn at a time and then back the tap out the clear the metal shavings, add more cutting oil, and continue.  Once you have reached the yellow tape on the tap you have threaded the bars deep enough and you can install the inserts.  On the inside of the inserts is an allen head slot for you to install them.  Make sure you use a bit of red loctite on them before you thread into your bars so that they won't back out.

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